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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Dear Parents and Carers


We would like to invite you to our virtual get togethers and training sessions that are coming up for you. Please add the dates of the ones that interest you to your diaries!


We look forward to seeing you, Family Workers Dawn, Claire and Michelle.


17/3/21 at 1pm (Wed), Target breakdown / home ideas, with Jacqueline and Dawn.

An overview of the different types of assessment targets children at RHS are given (both for Solar academic assessment and IEP / PLP targets).

We will look at how a single target is broken down into smaller 'steps' to enable it to be practiced, assessed and achieved.

We will look at fun, engaging ways to practice targets at home without your child even realising they are doing it. 

18/3/21 at 2pm (Thurs), Bengali Coffee Afternoon, Afjol and Claire.

We have rearranged our first Virtual Coffee Morning for our Bengali parents, hosted by our Teaching Assistant Afjol, and Family Worker Claire. It will be a chance to have a catch up, meet other parents and share information about support for families in the local area.


23/3/21 at 1pm, RSE (Relationships and Sexual Education), with Emma G, Claire R & Jacqueline.

Join us on Tuesday 23rd March to learn more about our RSE curriculum- Changes At Puberty at RHS. Changes at Puberty is delivered to our year 5, 6 (and current year 7) pupils, however this is a good opportunity for all parents to hear what will be covered in the unit of work. 

We will be discussing:

What is RSE?

Why is RSE important?

Who is RSE for?

What is covered in RSE at RHS?

How do we teach RSE?

What resources do we use?

If you have any questions or areas you would like covered please email these to before the coffee afternoon and we will be sure to include the answers and information in the discussion.

We look forward to seeing you then. Emma, Jacqueline and Claire R.


24/3/21 at 10:30am (Wed), Polish Coffee Morning, with Monika and Dawn.


13/4/21 at 1pm, Sensory processing, with Chrissie.

Sometimes an autistic person may behave in a way that you wouldn't immediately link to sensory differences. A person who finds it difficult to process everyday sensory information can experience sensory overload, or information overload. Too much information can cause stress, anxiety, and possibly physical pain. In this talk we will discuss the various senses, how they can affect behaviour and what we can do to help.

20/4/21 (Tues) 1pm, A talk with our School Nurses.

A chance to learn more about our school nursing team. We have invited guest speakers Cheryl and Sally, to speak to us about their role in the Special Needs Nursing Team and what they offer support with. Although they won't be able to focus too much on individual issues, they will be telling us all about what they do, and there will be some time for questions at the end.


27/4/21 Support for Parents Managing Behaviour, with Sarah and Emma. 

Learn more about the behaviour strategies we use in school. Although we won't be able to discuss individual children, we would like to invite you to email us with particular behaviours that you would like support with to ''.


4/5/21 TBC


11/5/21  Assessment Update at 1pm, with Sarah and Jenny.  

A general overview of the types of assessment that we use at Richmond Hill. We won’t be able to discuss individual progress of pupils, but please speak to your class teacher if you have any specific questions for your child.

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