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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Cookery at Richmond Hill is so much more than just cookery.


We believe children should be taught to use the kitchen safely whilst developing self care and independence for their future lives. Not only does cookery meet all these valuable skills, its is also integral in our design and technology coverage. It encompasses so many skills including: number work with measures and counting, communication such as PEC’s, signing and speaking and listening, social understanding around eating, working closely with others, creativity, changing and manipulating materials in science, gross and fine motor skills, creativity in design and expanded sensory experience... to name but a few! It truly is a cross curricular experience.


We are lucky enough to have a fully equipped cookery room at each site with all the resources you could need. We fully utilise the produce grown at the  garden at West site, ensuring that children can really understand, ‘from plant to plate.’


The scheme of work used in cookery has been written specifically for the children at our school. It is based upon skills development and encourages children to repeat and extend cooking skills through a mixture of styles. Children are taught at their ability and show their progress through their cookery learning journals. Please find the scheme of work, skills list and cookery overview attached to this page.


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