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Create at Home

Over the coming weeks and into the summer we will be sharing creative tasks for you to enjoy at home.

Summer Task
This is your last one and guess what? I have got 6 parts for you to enjoy during every week of the summer if you wish.


This is Play at Home

Week 1 - Music - Explore a range of musical pieces, these can be any styles your children enjoy. This week is the time to find the piece of music for your 'Play at home'.  Watch to see what style your child responds to and enjoys.


Week 2 - Costume - Get out all your old clothes and loose pieces of material and simply dress up and have fun. See how the children react to different materials and move differently when wearing different things.

Week 3 - Setting and backdrop - Find a background for your 'Play at home' you could use material or a favourite space within your home. Dress it up, hang some new pictures, maybe paintings and pictures the children have made

Week 4 - Props - Find things around your home that the children love to handle and explore, this may be 'fiddly' toys, cuddly toys, games, personal items...anything your child is comfortable handling. This week is your chance to explore new props and play with existing favourites.

Week 5 - Improvisation - Using everything from Weeks 1-4 this is now the time to safely play in your setting, with the music playing, wearing your costumes and using your props. There are no rules other than stay safe and have fun. Let the children lead and you follow.

Week 6 - Showtime - From your improvisation in week 5, try and remember the things that worked and try to recreate these moments. Play these moments again. Film your show and share with your families and friends. Please do not forget our online safety guidance.

Take a bow and enjoy the applause.

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Polish - Intro

Polish - Week 1

Polish - Week 2

Polish - Week 3

Polish - Week 4

Polish - Week 5

Polish - Week 6












Task 4

Using a toilet roll or kitchen roll insert, pens, paint and other materials from around  your home create a character of your choice. This could be from a favourite show or it could be totally make believe...let your imagination run wild. 


To make Toilet/Kitchen Roll Puppets you will need to use the cardboard insert from the roll. Then with the help of a grown up pierce 2 small holes for the arms using a pipe cleaner (or cotton buds). Then colour or paint the toilet roll. Stick glue inside the top of the toilet roll to add hair using pipe cleaners (or tissue paper, ripped up paper, newspaper, string or ribbon). Finally add eyes using a black pen (or paper or cotton wall balls). 


Materials that could be used;




Pipe cleaners - Cotton buds

Colouring pencils


newspaper / Magazines


Wool - String


Tissue paper

Wrapping paper 

Cotton pads - cotton wool


Cake cases 


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Task 3

Build a den- Using blankets, duvets, old sheets, material, cushions, pillows get creative. Chairs are a great way to create your structure on which you can drapse the sheets. Then simply head on in, maybe take a torch or use the light on your phone. Have a nap, a cuddle or maybe a secret snack. Enjoy!  

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Task 2

Sock Puppets…. Using an old sock, odd sock or even one with holes in. Find different materials around your home that you can stick on the sock to make an animal or perhaps a favourite character from a TV show.
There are no wrong answers with a task like this so please let the children stick things wherever they like to make the sock puppet’s face - You will quickly see you have the perfect creation of an alien sock puppet from the planet ‘make believe’.~
Allow them time to dry and then have fun interacting with them by giving them voices, sounds and moves of their own.

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Task 1
Make a rainbow collage of things from around your home. This can be as big or as small as you like. Using red as an example you could use a red apple, red sock, red books, red pepper….Be creative. Stay safe and Have fun. Send us your pictures of your rainbows.
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