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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Different types of family, Different types of people



At Richmond Hill School we understand the importance in educating our children about different types of families and helping them to become aware of the differences between individual people.


We support the children to be accepting of people who may look or behave differently to themselves.  Our regular  trips ‘out and about’ in the community offer a perfect opportunity for increasing awareness of different people, behaviours and circumstances.  Teaching children ‘not to stare’ is very important.


It can be tricky for children to understand that not all families are the same.  We spend time sharing who we live with, our families and our homes and we celebrate the similarities and differences.  


For celebration days, such as mother’s day, teachers ensure that children create their card or gifts for whomever they may have living at home and is appropriate for each individual child.  Such as siblings, grandparents, carers or friends.  This ensures that all children feel included of the card / gift making activity regardless of their family structure.


TIP:  encourage your child to identify similarities and differences between themself, yourself and other people

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