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Hello my name is Vicky and I teach the children how to look after our school garden.  Together, we grow all of our vegetable and flowers from seed, using our polytunnel to enable us to grow from February onwards.  We grow a variety of vegetables including, tomatoes in all different colours, courgettes, peas (a real favourite with the children eaten straight from the pod), carrots, and lots lots more!  


Last year we developed a nectar bar to encourage beneficial insects into the garden and this year we are adding plants that are attract different types of birds. Every class composts every week using our home made compost bins and every child loves to water from our recycled water butts.


Be sure to check this page for updates!

2019 - 2020

Look how our garden has grown

Lots of different tomatoes
Our aubergines
This is a "Cucamelon"
Cabbage white caterpillar
Different stages of their life cycle
our beautiful grapes
Stripy courgettes
Cucamelon 2
Pointed peppers
Pointed peppers 2
Purple French Beans
Savoy cabbage
Stripy courgettes 2
Courgettes flower
Last of the raspberries
Look how big our sweetcorn is
Lovely celery
Russet gold Apples
Happy to be harvesting

Garden Updates July

Aubergine Flower
Baby Cucumbers
Beautiful Raspberries
Bee on a Calendula
Bees enjoying our nectar bar
Butternut Squash Flower
Cabbage white caterpillars on our savoy cabbages
Calendula Flower
More Caterpillars
Small Courgette
Larger Courgette
Courgette Flower
Green Tomatoes
More Figs
Flat Leaf Parsley
Yummy Grapes
Take a look at our plums
Our First ever melon
Mint Plant
Melon Close Up
Laden Figs
Our nectar bar, grown from the bottom up.
Pumpkin Pin Bottle Cloches
Runner Bean Flowers
More Sweetcorn
More Green Tomatoes

Garden Updates May

Pea plant growing up string painted by children
Salad harvested today for the children's lunches
Blossom on our apple tree
Our native bumble bee pollinating our apple tree
Broad beans growing strongly in our polytunnel
Strawberries in May!!!
American spinach ready to harvest
Mini Savoy cabbage within its bottle cloche
Bed of bottle cloched savoy cabbage
Our colourful lettuces ready to eat
Allium growing in our new nectar bar
Seedlings ready to be planted out
Our Hop flowers go into our calming pillows

Look what we found in the garden today...

Spring has sprung!

Garden updates...

Bottle Top Sensory Curtain
Curly Kale Ready to Harvest
Our First Daffodil
First sign of spring crocus
Polytunnel Seedlings
More Polytunnel Seedings
Our Sensory CD Curtain

Leaves Everywhere

Leaves Everywhere!

Our produce grown fresh from the school garden for harvest

Nov in The Garden

One Potato Two Potato

Freshly Picked Potatoes!
Freshly Picked Potatoes 2!
Close Up
And Another!

Juicy Fruity!

Ready to make fresh fruit cordial!
More Grapes!
Fruit Cordial Preparation

Around the Garden -September 2015

Watering the Plants
Filling up the Compost Bin
Exploring different Fruit and Vegetables
A little bit of Digging
The Sweetcorn is so Tall!
More Planting.
Indoor Tray Work!

Several pictures from around the Garden

Topic afternoon

Time Lapse of the Garden

Still image for this video
May 2015 (GoPro)

Everyone Helping to Plant Seeds in the Garden

Planting Seeds Indoors with Green & Sapphire

Orange Class Joining In With The Digging & Turning

Opal Class Helping To Build The Liquid Fertiliser - April 2015

Sapphire Class Planting Seedlings - April 2015

Trying Different Herbs with Gold Class

Cleaning the Garden Path with Pearl Class

Planting Seeds with Red Class

Poly Tunnel Cleaning Up Progress Feb - March 2015

Come Back For Weekly Updates


We work together here at Richmond Hill School

Progress Picture 1
Emerald Class 1
Emerald Class 2
Gold Class 1
Gold Class 2
Progress Picture 2
Pearl Class 1
Pearl Class 2
Progress Picture 3
Yellow Class
Progress Picture 4
Green Class
Orange Class
Ruby Class
Completion Picture

The School Garden Covered in Snow in January 2015

From the sale of our school made chutney and pickled onions, we raised £65.85. This money will be used to buy wheelbarrows for the garden area.

The main ingredients for the chutney and onions were grown in our school garden and the children,  with the help of Vicky, made them into something new which was good to eat.


These are some of the things we do in gardening


The Garden and learning...

Every child uses the garden every week. In the winter months our activities can be classed based - for example, planting seeds, making fat balls with seeds to feed the birds, making mini gardens, potting on seeds, and making herb bags.  But as soon as we can get outside we will be using wheelbarrows to move compost onto our beds, and planting up all of the growing areas.


The garden also provides produce for the kitchen, we have made rattatouille and an apple crumble for the whole school, and salad is provided at lunchtimes through the warmer months.  


Not only does gardening incorporate lots of aspects of the science curriculum, we try to link the gardening activities to the topics as well. For example, for years 1 & 2's topic 'Over the Rainbow' (which explores different colours), for their  'purple week' we harvested purple potatoes!!!


The children really enjoy growing 'odd' fruits and vegetables and so far we have grown some...

  • round carrots
  • yellow courgettes 
  • blue and purple potatoes 
  • black pumpkins
  • yellow peas


Some produce never makes it into class, the children love popping the pods to eat the peas! Our strawberries and raspberries (both red and yellow) are always eaten straight from the plants!


In the Summer term we hold our annual garden open day where the children run a market stall to sell produce from the garden, as well as home baked cakes and  juice we make from foraged elder flowers. This is a great fundraising opportunity, so far we have raised money to buy a wormery, two wheelbarrows and some brooms!


Keep checking the website for our 'Summer garden open day 2014'!!!