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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Hello and Welcome to Gold class

Gold Class has 8 children in it, they are all year 6 children apart from one who is year 4.  The staff in the class are Sarah (class teacher) I do not work on Friday and teaching in the class then and when I have planning time every other Thursday is Nicola (HLTA).  We are supported by Shama (TA3) and Simon, Lorraine and Rushna (TA1's).


We are following the Shoots curriculum and I have attached our curriculum for this half term.


I look forward to all the fun activities we have planned this year and hope we get to go on lots of trips outside of school to extend our knowledge.   I will email you all each week with a resume of the week and let you know any specific information about your children.  I hope to put lots of photos on the website of all the things we are doing.

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