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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Independence + Life Skills



It is our aim to help children to become as independent as possible and to develop their life skills with the aim of them being able to live as independently as possible one day.

These are some of the areas we encourage independence in:
*getting dressed and undressed. 
*brushing teeth   
*brushing hair
*washing hands     
*tying shoelaces     
*packing their bag / belongings
*getting items in and out of the fridge / cupboard 
*setting the table / getting what cutlery they need.   
*tidying their toys / belongings 
*hanging up their coat
*making breakfast, lunch, dinner 
*washing up 
*cleaning surfaces  


TIP:  get your child independent at home!  Encourage your child to make their own breakfast (or they don't have breakfast), do the washing up (or they don't have their reward), tidying away etc.  You can do the task alongside them but DO NOT do it for them.  When out and about encourage your child to push the trolley or hand the money to the shop assistant.
REMEMBER...if your child can do these tasks in school they can do them at home too.  Plus, children love to be given responsibilities and jobs - it makes them feel 'grown up'.

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