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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Mathematics contains essential skills for the children at Richmond Hill School, at a simple level concepts such as more and less ranging up to simple multiplication and money problems are all essential skills that our children need to learn to prepare for independent life.


We believe that Mathematics is an essential element in a well balanced broad curriculum and that every child should be given the opportunity to develop an understanding of Mathematics and be confident in its use.


Mathematics is split into 4 main areas; Number, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. Statistics is only taught to our most able children and so not all of our children will access this.


Children are, on average, taught mathematics 4 times a week with the whole range of the curriculum covered across a term. Lessons are planned based on the ability of the children in the class and not on the age of the children therefore it is possible that some children in Year 1 may be accessing work at a higher level than children in Year 6. Where possible activities are based on real life situations and role play is actively encouraged. In addition mathematical activities take place throughout the day. Some examples are; at registration time, with calendars and timetables at snack time comparing quantity and at playtimes outside when fetching and tidying away equipment.


We use a wide variety of resources to teach Mathematics and these are appropriate to the needs of the children in that class. Many resources facilitate a multi-sensory approach with looking, touching, and handling objects. The visual impact can be further enhanced by using the dark room with fluorescent light and objects. The soft play room is also frequently used to enhance the teaching of Maths.


There are a number of specialist ICT Resources to support Mathematics. There are computers with Smartboards in every classroom as well as the dedicated computer room also with a smartboard. Software programs range from simple number songs to interactive quizzes and games. There is software to support Numicon which is installed on all classroom computers as well as a variety of pieces of software that can create pictograms, graphs and charts.


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