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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Classes access music through Expressive Arts lessons as well as bespoke music lessons. At RHS we believe passionately in the power of inclusive music/composition to enhance the curriculum. 

Music has the ability to reduce children’s anxieties and to most importantly to allow everyone involved to have a great time! 


We also have a wide variety of musical instruments including:

  • Tambourines
  • Tambours
  • Maracas.
  • Tuned and untuned Bells
  • Wah wah bells
  • Rain makers
  • Boomwhackers
  • Glockenspiels
  • Ocarinas
  • Claves
  • Castanets
  • Guiros 
  • a Djembe
  • A digital piano 
Music is also embedded into everyday life here at RHS. Songs and rhymes enthuse and engage many of our children in learning opportunities. We have songs for maths, topic songs, songs to aid with transitions, subject starter songs, songs for tidying up and many more. The children also learn songs in class for special assemblies or performances.

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