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Prom Committee 2019 - 2020

We now have a fully operational prom committee. We have started to think about what we want our prom to be like, deciding on a theme and more to follow. We plan to keep raising lots of money running the tuck shop so that we can organize an amazing party to celebrate the end of our time at RHS.

An Update From The Prom Committee

The date of the prom is Thursday 18th July. 


Here is our golden ticket designed by Valentina!

This coming Friday, 21st June the Prom Committee are meeting to prepare an invitation and a ticket for every child in Year 6. 

Prom Committee Meeting

So far our Prom Committee have had three meetings with a fourth booked in for this week (WC - 20/05/2019).


The children on the committee have been putting forward their ideas and are making all our the decisions.


Discussions so far include:


  • Food for the prom.
  • Activities available for the children.
  • Decorations - colour scheme.
  • Transport to the prom.


Actions Following Meetings

The children have each been busy collating a playlist from their class friends. They have designed invitations and one of the children has designed a golden ticket for the event.


Stay tuned for more updates!

The Totaliser

The Year 6 children have been working hard to raise money for their Prom.  They have been shopping and then running the Tuck Shop for all of the children who have bought money to spend at school.  Look how well they have done so far! Keep working hard Year 6 and thank you so supporting us so far.  The tuck shop will continue next half term too, offering a range of snacks for the children to purchase whilst they learn valuable life skills. 

The year 6 weekly tuck shop has so far raised £260 that will be used to fund a leavers school prom. 


Meet our new prom committee. We will be planning and organising a prom to be held for Year 6 leavers in July. We will be using the profits from our weekly tuck shop to fund this annual event. 

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