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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education

The personal and social development of our pupils is a clear priority for Richmond Hill School. Children need support in developing emotionally and socially so that they are able to use their thoughts and feelings to guide their behaviour and to develop personal awareness, emotional resilience and social skills. Pupils are enabled to recognise personal qualities in themselves and others, to respect differences and to develop strategies which will assist them to lead a responsible, active, productive and healthy life.


All pupils have opportunities to: -

1. Enjoy success in a range of aspects of school life and contribute to the life of the school.

2. Develop self-advocacy so that they can participate in ‘discussions’ with/or peers and adults, which allow them to give/explain their views and express their feelings.

3. Play and work co-operatively.

4. Identify and respect differences between people.

5. Consider right and wrong and make informed choices.

6. Consider the different groups and communities to which they belong.

7. Consider how environments are harmed or improved

8. Consider ways of managing money

9. Learn about their bodies and ways of keeping safe and healthy.


As in all areas of the curriculum, targets and objectives are set to ensure that children are supported to develop skills and learning at realistic yet challenging levels.

Children are assessed in each of the following areas and relevant targets are set on an individual basis:-

Drinking, Eating, Eating etiquette/table skills, Dressing, Undressing, Independence, Toileting, Hand washing, Personal Hygiene, Social Development, Emotional Development, Road Safety, Kitchen Safety


PSHE Education is an integral part of our children’s daily life and, whilst much of the teaching is delivered informally throughout the school day, there is a place for learning to be delivered through the allocation of discrete teaching time, through the integration of PSHE with other subjects and through the positive school ethos already in place at Richmond Hill.


Examples of discrete teaching of PSHE at Richmond Hill are many and varied and include:

In Circle Time children are encouraged to begin to recognise their own feelings and the feelings of others, to take turns in listening and speaking, to reflect on events or situations (such as, perhaps, playground issues and the need to share or to support others)

Road safety sessions allow the children to develop their awareness and to practise their skills in road safety. Children are taught through the use of practical sessions both onsite (often with a local road crossing patrol person ‘lollipop lady’) or out and about in the community as well as taught sessions looking at, for example, bright or reflective clothing and the variety of ‘safe’ places to cross the road.

A variety of role play sessions within school include aspects such as shopping or a visit to the dentist. Children also visit the local shops to reinforce and generalise skills learnt

All classes have a cookery session in the cookery room each week. Focus in these sessions allows children to learn about the need for personal hygiene (hand washing & wearing an apron) as well as kitchen safety (hot, cold, storage of food, sharp knives etc)

Discrete sessions are delivered to Year 6 children focusing on Puberty and the changes that happen to their own bodies as they develop into their teenage years. Opportunity is always provided prior to these sessions for parents to find out what their children will be told, shown and to see what resources will be used. On an individual pupil basis, and again in consultation with parents, work may be carried out with pupils younger than year 6 where this is felt to be necessary and appropriate.

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