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At RHS children are taught the difference between public and private and ways to keep their bodies private and safe.  This includes places, activities and body parts which are public or private and appropriate / inappropriate physical contact.


Children develop an understanding that their body is THEIRS and it BELONGS to them.  They will practice and roleplay how to say, "Stop", "Yes", "No" or what words they would use to tell an adult / safe person if someone else has touched or hurt their body.  This can be as simple as a friend giving them a 'high five' too hard and it hurting them - they need to be able to communicate this via verbal, facial expression, gesture or signing. 


The value of 'pants up' is taught throughout the school.  It is important that children learnt he importance of keeping their private body parts covered and is especially useful when developing toileting technique - pants should never be fully down!  


TIP:  practice what you preach!!!  Always model how to keep your body private, even when relaxing at home...children are always watching and will learn most from you at home.  For example, emphasize the point that you do not take off your clothes ready for having a bath until you are in the bathroom and the door is closed.

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