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Sensory Circuits

Every morning starting at 9 o'clock, the children begin their sensory circuit routines. It is in order for the children  to refine and focus their concentration in readiness for the day’s learning


The equipment in the hall is laid out in sections in order to have an alerting, organising and calming area.

First the children enter an 'alerting' area. This is to get a child who is full of energy to focus and for a child that needs a bit of a shake up to get going in the morning. 



After 3 minutes of alerting, the children then move on to the 'organising' section. this is to help the children to organise their body, plan their actions and do more than one thing at a time.


The children are focussing on balancing and rolling. There are different textured items for the children to experience making them aware of themselves in space.

Finally it is the 'calming area'. The children are squashed with big bouncy balls and are encouraged to go through the mangle. The pressed sensation helps calm and ground a child. 

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