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Stranger Danger



Stranger danger is taught as discrete lessons and embedded throughout each day.  With lots of adults working at RHS and many lovely visitors the children have a golden opportunity to practice recognising strangers or familiar people every day.  This also applies when 'out and about' in the community or on our  power walks around the local neighbourhood.


Stranger roleplaying is a great way for children to practise what they would do and say if approached by a stranger.  Children in later key stages are encouraged to check that visitors are wearing their visitor badge.  


Online strangers - remember strangers aren't always interacted with face to face.  Sometimes you cannot see the face of a stranger.  For example when using the internet or playing online games which have a 'chat' tab, these people are still strangers.


TIP:  when out and about ask your child to identify a 'safer stranger' who they would be safer to approach if they got lost.  For example, when in the local supermarket, who would they go to? 

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