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Trips, Celebrations and Special Days

East Meets West Fest

At Richmond Hill School we like nothing more than a good celebration or fun activities. Here you will find all the things we have been up to.



2019 - 2020

Kingswood Trip

Special Events 2018 - 2019

RHS annual yr 5 sleepover. 

Later in the school year than usual but some of the children in year 5 enjoyed a sleepover at school on Thursday. They played some games after school once the buses had left and then we wrote a shopping list and we went to ASDA to buy their dinner. They then went and made pizza’s in the cookery room. After the children enjoyed their dinner and tidied up they then got ready for bed and watched a film. They eventually settled about 11.30pm and then woke at about 7am the next morning. They then went to McDonald’s and bowling on the Friday. It was a lovely experience for the children and enjoyed by them all. 

The Big Soup Share & Harvest 2018

This year we have taken part in the Big Soup Share. The pupils in year 4 made some delicious soup using the produce from our lovely garden. Some of the classes in year 5 made some Harvest bread and then parents and governors were invited to taste the soups following our Harvest assemblies. 

Kingswood residential trip 2018

Lets keep updated with all the fun some of the year 6 children are having at Kingswood this year...


Thursday 12.30pm

We have had a sensational morning with bright sunshine on the Norfolk coast.

We enjoyed a cooked breakfast followed by aeroball (like basketball on trampolines).

Then we did the blindfolded night line challenge!

We are just waiting to have lunch and then we will be going climbing and abseiling.

Wednesday 9.05pm

Wow it is 9.05 pm and we are just heading back to our rooms! We have just had a delicious hot chocolate after an amazing day!


When we arrived the children all made their own beds before meeting our coordinator 'Alex'.  We had a tour of Kingswood, played some games and had a fire drill. For dinner we had roast beef.


Then we had an archery session and rocket making.


Everyone loved archery and David, Reyu and Chloe C all got a bullseye...everyone hit the board! Reyu and Oli had to wear Jacqueline's pink jumper as long sleeves had to be worn!


We are all very excited for tomorrow and we have 8 very tired children this evening!

We are on our way and enjoyed stopping off for lunch...

M&M theatrical production visits West site to perform Charlotte’s Web!

The children at West site were lucky to watch a performance of a favourite children’s story Charlotte web! This was a free event for us thanks to the Happy Days charity!

September 2018- Our Zip-line has officially opened!

The day has finally come! we can now all use the school Zip-line.


Special Events 2017-2018

Sport Relief 2018!

Both sites were active all day on Friday 23rd March in aid of Sport Relief! The children went on walks, played ball games, bounced about and concluded the day with a disco. We all had lots of fun and on average did about 15,000 steps each!!! Thank you to everyone for a great fundraising day!

Warwick Castle

Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful day out at Warwick Castle in March 2018. The children soaked in a lot of history and facts dating back to the 12th Century. Please take a look at the photos below.

Pantomime and Teletubbies at The Grove in Dunstable. 

We were very fortunate this year that we received some funding from Happy Days for most of our pupils at West to see Sleeping Beauty at the pantomime before Christmas and then for most of our pupils at East site to watch a lovely Teletubbies performance in the New Year. 


Thank you to Happy Days for making these trips possible for our pupils they had a lovely time.

Winter Wonderland 2017!

In December we hold our annual Winter Wonderland event. This is a wonderful Christmas event where the pupils make items or edible treats to sell. There is also a tombola, raffle and the chance to visit Father Christmas! The stalls are run by our School Council Voice and lots of parents turned up to support the event. We were also joined by a representative from Autism Beds our chosen charity for this year. 

Here are some photos of the event at East and West.


Side by Side

Whole School Art Project 1 

The aim of Side by Side was for classes to join with their ‘buddy’ class from East/ West to create a piece of collaborative Art. As always free expression was encouraged so the design themes were endless and in the hands of our children. Abstract or specific it didn't matter as long as it was the children’s work. The process was more important than the end product and we as teachers had to remember that art is subjective and that it was vital that we did not allow our opinions or expectations to impact on what we would perceive as ‘artistic’ or indeed ‘good’.
The most important thing is that it was the children's but as always we could frame it and make it look the best it can.

Classes also made a short booklet, flyer or poster that was positioned alongside their work to capture the process. 


Then on Thursday 9th November each class voice representative came together to exhibit their completed pieces ready for an invited audience of family and friends shortly after.


Side by Side not only celebrated creativity but it connected our schools and the children and encourages sharing and friendship.


In the words of Picasso ‘Every Child is an Artist’



Children In Need 

We helped raise money for Children In Need by dressing up in yellow or something spotty! The children took part in a range of spotty and Pudsey themed activities throughout the day and celebrated in a special parade assembly! 

Kingswood Trip


Every Year we take a selected group of Year 6 Pupils away for a 3 day residential in October to an 

activity centre in Norfolk run by a company called Kingswood. The children get to take part in lots of activities to build their independence and have fun. All of the activities are things we cannot offer as a school, activities such as Archery, Climbing, Shelter building and Laser Quest. This year we took 8 lucky Year 6 children who were shocked to find they had to make their beds when they got there! 


However the Hot Chocolate before bedtime made up for it. Their highlights from this years trip was 

Laser Quest, "the food", and "The Hot Chocolate". From an adults perspective it was the bravery and maturity of the children in trying new activities and becoming more independent. More information about the annual trip trip is available from David Mingay who organises the trip every year.

You can find out more about Kingswood at

Annual Scarecrow Competition- Autumn 2017!

Our annual Scarecrow building competition takes place during our Harvest celebrations. This year classes have designed their own creations, voted from a selection of pictures, some have made traditional scarecrows and others have made some familiar characters!

The school council were voted in last week and their first responsibility is to vote on the scarecrow winners- one from each year group and take the Harvest food donations to the Food Bank. The winning scarecrows get placed in the schools garden.

Have a look at some of the photos below of the fun the children had making the scarecrows!

Special Events 2016-2017

East Meets West Festival 2017!

On Tuesday the 20th June we had our first ever 'East Meets West Fest' as part of our whole school Art Projects.
All the Children and staff from both the RHS sites came together to perform dance and musical numbers across our two outdoor stages. 
The theme this year was Disney (the children's choice) and we had lots of princesses, Lion King Cubs and Dalmatians running around our festival site soaking up the sun and enjoying the entertainment. Not only were we treated to 20 wonderful class performances but we also welcomed local band 'Ryland's Heath' to headline our festival.
We can't wait to start plans for next year's East Meets West Fest which promises to be bigger and better (if that's possible).

Festival fun...

Tui Games - RHS Team Spirit Winners 2017!


Annual Sleepover!

Year 3 had a fantastic trip to the Leighton Buzzard Railway. Lucky for them Father Christmas was travelling on the same train!

Eco-schools Switch off day!

Wednesday 23rd November was our main day to focus on the 'Switch off Fortnight' scheme.


Classes have been making sure they turn the lights out when they leave a room and turning off the interactive whiteboards and computers when they are not being used.

Switch Off Fortnight

On Friday Afternoon Key stage 1 pupils, danced, ate and got creative during our Diwali celebrations. Pupils took part in an afternoon of fun activities to help  learn about the Hindu celebration of Diwali.


The celebrations finished with an interactive assembly where they danced, sang and ate a bit more!

Diwali Celebrations

RHS East Scarecrow Making

RHS West Scarecrow Making

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