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Tuck shop 2019-2020

Christmas Tuck Shop!

Ruby class visited Aldi to buy some Christmas themed treats for the tuck shop this week!

They then decorated the tuck shop and played some Christmas music for their customers!


Our first half term was a great learning experience for the pupils running the shop- they had to think about things that other children would like to buy whilst still making sure that the tuck shop is healthy! The children are excited to be raising lots of money for their year 6 prom!

Tuck shop 2019!

We are always making improvements to our school tuck shop- this year we have made some extra communication aids to support the pupils in choosing items they want from the tuck shop. Here is an example of one of our communication pages. 

Tuck Shop 2018-2019!

Diamond Class Tuck Shop

Healthy Tuck Shop

Below you can view the Pearlfect tuck shop menu.

Valentines Day Tuck Shop

Below is the Valentines Day menu for our tuck shop.

Valentines Biscuits and Cupcakes

Pearl class have been busy making GORGEOUS valentines biscuits and cupcakes ready for the valentine's day tuck shop on Thursday 14th February. WOW!

Healthy Homemade Popcorn Pots

Purchasing Stock

Pearl class have been busy getting ready for the opening of their PEARL-FECT tuck shop this week. The children researched different healthy snacks on the Asda website, compared the best prices and made a list. Pearl class then visited Asda and bought everything ready for the tuck shop. They took their own plastic carrier bags with them to save on money and to save plastic.

Gold n' Delicious Tuck Shop

Below are some photos of Gold Class stocking their tuck shop.

Gold n' Delicious Advertisement

Advertisements are popping up ahead of the Gold n' Delicious opening.

Gold Class Tuck Shop - Every Friday Morning

Comic Relief Tuck Shop

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