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Year 6 RSE

Growing Up and Changing Workshop / Coffee Morning

All year 6 parents welcome.


Thursday 21st March 2019

10 am - 11 am

In the family room.


An opportunity to see the resources we are using to teach the sessions, ask questions, share concerns and have an informal chat talking to other parents who may be experiencing similar things to you at home regarding your child approaching puberty.

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Year 6 Lessons

Growing Up and Changing


Aim: to support parents and prepare children for the changes that may happen to them physically and emotionally as the approach puberty.


In year 6, children will have lessons about ‘growing up and changing’. These lessons will be

taught by individual class teachers so that every child is comfortable and confident with the adult leading the lesson.


Boys and girls will have some joint lessons about general areas of ‘change’, such as growing taller, body hair, hygiene, deodorant and spots. Boys and girls will also be taught the correct terminology for male and female body parts - it is important for each child’s safety that they know the name of the opposite gender’s body parts.


Boys and girls will then have separate lessons to focus on the more gender specific areas of change. The lessons will be taught using special ‘dolls’ which have already gone through the puberty process (they are fully developed). Booklets will be used to ensure consistency in terminology for each child and parent (as parents will receive a copy) which are written in the format of words and picture symbols.


The areas of focus are shown below:



●Body part names and their functions.

●Public / private safety.

●Pubic, body and facial hair growth.

●Exploration of ‘shaving’ products (razors) which they may see at home - importance of not touching these until they are older with parent / guardian supervision.

●Voice change.

●Growth of the ‘Adam’s apple’.

●Growth of body and

●Body part names and their functions.

●Public / private safety.

●Pubic hair and body hair growth.

●Growth of body and change of body shape.

●Growth of breasts and exploration of crop tops / bras.


●Menstrual cycle - what it is, why, when and how to practice hygienic management of menstrual cycles.

change of body shape.


●Physical urges and how to deal with them.

●How to keep hygienic (general and puberty specific).

●How to use deodorant - each child will receive a ‘roll on’ deodorant for school and home use.

●Girls will explore sanitary products and practice the ‘changing’ routine with our PSHE doll, including using sanitary waste bins in toilets.

●How to keep hygienic (general and puberty specific).

●How to use deodorant - each child will receive a ‘roll on’ deodorant for school and home use.

Parent workshop / coffee morning.


Before these lessons begin, parents will be invited in for a coffee morning / workshop to be shown the resources which will be used and to discuss in further detail what their child will be taught. This is an opportunity for individual parents to discuss with the class teacher specific areas they may have concerns about or specific, individual, social or cultural areas they would like to be covered e.g. removal of pubic hair.


October 2018 parent workshop / coffee morning feedback by Jacqueline Kelly who lead the workshops: The workshops were carried out with a ‘boy / girl’ focus so that parents with sons could attend the ‘boy’ focussed workshop and likewise for parents with daughters. Each workshop was very interactive with lots of discussion in a relaxed setting. They provided a brilliant opportunity for parents to speak to other parents - discovering similarities and differences in the changes their children are starting to go through and a chance to share their worries / concerns. Parents were shown the ‘dolls’ which are used to teach the lessons, the resources and activities which their children will be using and doing.


Parents also received the booklets to take home to share with other family members and to read through at home with their child. The parents who attended stated it was very informative, useful and set their minds at ease.

Facial Hair

The boys in Pearl class experimenting with different facial hair - deciding which style they would like to have when they grow older.

Body Templates

Each child in year 6 spends time creating their own body template.

  • They take turns to draw around each other and then draw on their own body parts.
  • They discuss each part of their body and it's function e.g. eyes to see.
  • They had hair to the body and learn about where it will grow. 
  • Then they create underpants to cover the body parts which they must keep private.

As time goes on these body drawings are added to as the children learn about new changes e.g. spots - they will draw some spots on their face.

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