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Summer Term

I can not believe that we only have 7 weeks until the end of the year. Looking back over the year all the children in the class have made progress and have really gelled as a class. 
In literacy this term we will be looking at the book "Six Dinner Sid".  A story about a cat who lives in 6 different houses and eats 6 different dinners every night. We will also be doing some maths work linked to the story.
You can watch the story here:
Towards the end of the term we will be looking at fun books, specifically the Aliens love underpants range;
A different special school made their own version of the story which is available to watch here:

Aliens Love Underpants

Out Topic this term is: 'Fun in the Sun'
We will be learning about sun safety and planning and having a Sumner Fete.  We hope to have a picnic in Ashridge and have a whole year band picnic to Wardown park. 
Keep looking for updates!
Sarah & Amber team.


Summer 1

I cannot believe that we are in the summer term already!

Our Topic this term is ‘Water Water Everywhere’  We have already looked at different ways in which we use water, we have carried out experiments testing what floats and sinks and we have learnt that some people in the world do not have clean water and have to walk a long way every day to find water.  That was  all in one week!  We will be carrying out lots of other water experiments, looking at water art (Monet) and learning about the water cycle.


Our Literacy books are linked to water too and currently are looking at the book ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’


There is a lovely version read by Robbie Coltrane on YouTube that your child might like to watch:

The Fish Who Could Wish

We will also be looking at the books ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson and then looking at Non-Fiction books linked to water.


Julia Donaldson – Singing her book ‘Sharing a shell’

The Sharing a Shell Song

In Maths we will be learning about fractions and focusing on making different types of graphs.

Please keep looking for further updates!


Thanks Sarah & Amber team. 

Numeracy activities

Topic activities - Water, water everywhere!

Gardening activities


This term may only be short yet we have lots planned! 
Our topic is: 'Rule Britannia' where we will be looking at the countries that make up the UK.  We will be looking at traditional foods from this country, music, customs and costumes.  Linked to this topic we will also be looking at what school was like in Victorian times.  Some children will be visiting a museum to experience Victorian school and some will be role playing in school.


In literacy we have selected a traditional English book and will be studying 'Paddington Bear'. Amazon link

We will also be watching the old cartoon version:

Paddington - Trailer 2

Towards the end of the half term we hope to visit Luton resource centre to make and film our own version of the story. 
In maths we will be spending a week on each strand, this week we are looking at shape and next week we will be looking specifically at time.
Keep looking on the website for updates! 

Numeracy work

Literacy work

'Rule Britannia' Topic work



Spring 1


Welcome back to school.  I hope everyone had a restful holiday and a Happy New Year.


This term our Topic is 'We all go travelling by' where we will be looking at all different types of transport.  We hope to go on some trips to experience a variety of different types of transport. Details to follow in letters home. We will also be looking at road safety and what it means to be a good neighbour.


In literacy we will be linking it to our topic we will be looking at two books that have a transport link. 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels' and 'Whatever Next'.  Mrs Armitage is a very funny story about a lady who wants to  improve her bike.  In 'Whatever Next' a bear travels to the moon all before bedtime.  

Check out our Scottish Dance Pictures in P.E this Term

Whatever Next!

In numeracy we will also be linking some of lessons to our topic as we plan to carry out traffic surveys making simple pictograms and tally charts.  We will be looking at position and learning to programme the 'Bee bots'.  In shape we will be looking at 3d shapes and plan to make junk model road vehicles.


Our science for the half term will be looking at forces including push, pull, roll, spin, up, down floating and sinking. 


In ICT for the whole term we will be looking at 'presenting'.  We hope that all children will create their own PowerPoint presentation on transport to show to parents at a coffee morning.  Details to follow.


Keep looking for updates and photos.

Literacy work


Topic work 'We all go travelling by'

Autumn 2

This term we are very busy, our Topic is 'Kings and Queens' where we have been enjoying dressing up as Kings and Queens, painting self portraits of Kings and Queens and making our own crowns both real ones and virtual ICT ones! We have been learning who the Queen of this country is and who the next one will be.  We are looking at Castles this week and will be making our own castles out of recyclable materials.  We will be putting the pictures of our castles on the website.
In literacy we have been looking at books with a royal connection to go alongside topic.  We have spent three weeks looking 'The Emperor's New Clothes' and from this week we will start looking at the 'Princess and the Pea' There is a very funny alternative version on YouTube that the children will enjoy watching.

Princess and the Pea - Fairy Tale Time

Last week in maths we were looking at weight, some children sorted objects into what they thought was 'heavy' and 'light' and other children were able to weigh two different objects and say which was the heaviest and which was the lightest. 
Finally in Science all this term we are looking at sound and have played lots of listening games, made some musical instruments we will learning how sound travels by making yoghurt pot telephones this week - Keep looking on the website for the photos.

Sparklers for Fireworks Day

Maths activities

Literacy activities

Science activities


Autumn 1


Welcome to Amber Class!


The teachers are:  Sarah and Tom. Sarah teaches Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, the rest of the time she is looking at literacy throughout the school and teaching cover in other classes.  Tom teaches in Amber on a Thursday and Friday morning.  The rest of the time he is teaching Music throughout the whole school and looking after the schools amazing choir.


The wonderful TA's in Amber class are Lovely Linda and Lovely Lucy, Caring Clare and the very Patient Pauline.  All our TA's are very experienced, we are a really good, strong team.


The wonderful children in Amber this year are:  Aaron, Ajwad, Brandon, Danny, Ibrahim, Junaid, Sanmay and Tayyib.


This term in literacy we will be looking at rhyme reading the 'The Giant Jam Sandwich'. amazon link


Linked to this book we will also be writing instructions to make sandwiches, designing our own sandwiches and writing an alternative story. 


As the half term moves on we may look at the book 'Funny Bones' which links to our Topic 'Fit as a Fiddle'.  The topic will be all  about healthy living, healthy foods, and how our bodies work. 


We may have fun looking at pictures of ourselves as babies (adults too) compared to how we look now.  Keep looking for further updates and information on the website and in the home communication books!


Numeracy activities


Literacy activities


Science activities


Topic work - Fit as a Fiddle'

Meeting the Police


Autumn 1 - Recap


What a busy half term Amber class have had.  Please take a look at our round up below:

In literacy we have looked at three books:  The Giant Jam Sandwich, Funny Bones, and I will not ever NEVER eat a tomato. We made bread and turned it into jam sandwiches, we wrote instructions and we went outside to draw massive giant jam sandwiches to help our gross motor skills.  We have written book reviews and even tasted tomatoes and thought of words to describe them.


In maths we have followed a weekly schedule looking at all the areas of mathematics.  The class have particularly enjoyed it when we have taken maths outside. We have counted items outside.  We used the iPad and looked for shapes outside and even measured things outside comparing them to see if they are taller or shorter than a ruler.


Our Topic has been ‘Fit as Fiddle’ where we’ve learnt all about being healthy.  We went to St Albans to use the outdoor fitness equipment, we had a nurse come to visit us, we looked at how to keep our teeth clean, and we named body parts and even learnt about getting fit on the Wii in our ICT lessons!


I hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to the next busy term.

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