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Hello and welcome to class 4. I am Hannah the class teacher, Charlotte is our TA2 and our TA1’s are Jamie, Carrie and Aki. In class 4 we have 8 amazing, cheeky, lively boys. Each one of them bring something unique and special to the class 4 team.

Summer 2

Under the Sea, spinning art!

We went strawberry and raspberry picking!

Maths Photos

Tasting different fruit and vegetables

Summer 1 Update - Market

Summer 1 Update - Fine Motor Activities

Welcome back everybody, I hope you all had a good Easter break.


This half term our topic is called “To market to market” within this topic we will be smelling, tasting and talking about a range of fruit and vegetables and taking part in activities that keep us healthy.

In literacy some pupils  will be reading Supertato by Sue Hendra

Another small group of pupils will be reading and taking part in the sensory story

The hungry caterpillar.

All the children have made fantastic progress in attention skills.  This daily session will

continue through the remainder of the term. Some of the children’s favourite stage 2

activities have included:

Butterfly symmetry.

shaving foam marble pictures.

Cake splat!!


As you will notice, all of them are very messy!!

During Write Dance some of the pupils will be continuing to develop their mark making skills. A small group of pupils will be developing their list writing skills, writing shopping

lists and recipe lists.


During topic we will also be looking at different ways we can stay healthy. As part of this we will be practicing brushing our teeth and practicing hand hygiene. All of which you

could practice at home with you child.

Other skills you can help develop at home could include; getting dressed and

undressed, using a knife and fork and asking for help.


Spring 1

This half term our topic is “There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo” This is a Science based topic so as well as all the lovely Gruffalo activities, we will also be learning about different animal groups, and taking part in sensory activities to help us experience this. To help support this topic we will be going bird watching in Wendover woods and towards the end of the half term the pupils will be having hands on animal experience! We are all looking forward to this.


There are some lovely narrated versions of the Gruffalo on Youtube. That you can share with your son.

Gruffalo Pictures

The Gruffalo - Narrated by Ollie Heath

In maths this half term we have been working on sorting and matching coins. Some children have been using 1p coins to practice buying items in our pretend shop. 

Writing in the frost

Over the coming months we look forward to getting to know them better and celebrating the progress and achievements they make.


This half term out topic is “The things people do” each week we will be taking part in activities and role-plays that involve different community helpers. Already we have had a nurse come in and help us in our role-play room. In a couple of weeks we have the fire truck and firemen  coming in to spend some time with up, which I think both pupils and staff are looking forward to!


Communication is a major part of our curriculum. Each day pupils have the opportunity to develop their PECS, Makaton and interaction skills.


During morning workbox time all pupils are working on developing their cutting skills and writing of and recognition of their name. These are some of the activities you could try at home to support this learning and development of fine motor control: 

Under writing and over writing individual letters and then ordering letters.









Sticking stickers or pieces of paper over child’s name.













Rolling and cutting play dough.





















Toilet roll cutting.




Topic activities

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