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Welcome Back!

Dissecting Fish in Amber Class Today

Summer 1

Welcome back! I do hope that you have all had a lovely Easter holiday and are raring to go for the summer term!


In summary our literacy focus this half term is 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’


We will be writing our own versions of this classic tale, learning about lighthouses, acting the story and lots more! There are some lovely versions on YouTube and the links are here:


Our Topic is: ‘Water Water everywhere!’ where we will be carrying out lots of water experiments, learning about the water cycle, learning about weather, thinking about uses of water and where we find water, water safety and we will also touch on water shortages.


Linked to the topic we will create a different type of ‘water art’ each week including, Monet, marbling, ocean in a bottle, bubble art, blowing art!

Keep looking for our latest updates!

Spring 2

Welcome back everyone; I hope that you all had a good week off school.


This term our topic is Great Great Britain! Where we are learning all about the countries that make up Great Britain.  We will cover, flags, populations, music, food, accents and local traditions.  To start the topic off with a great WOW we are having a traditional tea party on Thursday and a 'Great British Bake off' on Friday!


Our literacy book this term is ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. Written by Julia Donaldson.  

George is the scruffiest giant in town, so he buys a new outfit to smarten himself up. On the way home, however, he meets others who are in greater need of his clothes than he is, so he gradually gives away each new item of clothing.


His tie becomes a scarf for a giraffe and his shoe makes an ideal home for a family of mice. When he arrives home, the animals he has helped are all waiting for him with a thank you present.


The repetitive text in this lovely tale is great to read aloud and the colourful illustrations are full of amusing details.


There is a lovely version by the bbc here:


Maths we continue to work through the strands weekly.


Keep looking for new updates!

Spring 1

This half term as usual Amber class is very busy!  Firstly we are welcoming a new child to our class - Gabriel we hope he will be very happy in RHS and his self portrait will be up on the website very soon! 
Our topic is ‘Black Culture’. The children will be learning about famous historical and famous current black people including Rosa Parks, Martin Luther In Topic this term we are looking at King and Usain Bolt. We have already made a Rosa Parks bus and acted out why she is such an important figure. Take a look at our lovely display.
The children will also be learning about different styles of music including, rap, blues, jazz, gospel, reggae and African drumming. We will putting on a carnival performance at the end of the half term and inviting parents in to watch!

In literacy we are looking at the chapter book Flat Stanley written by Jeff Brown. When Stanley Lambchop wakes up one morning, his brother, Arthur, is yelling. A bulletin board fell on Stanley during the night, and now he is only half an inch thick! Amazing things begin happening to him…..


Displaying download.jpeg


Keep looking for more updates and photos!


Welcome back! I do hope that you have all had a restful week and are raring to go this half term!


In summary our literacy focus this half term is 'Cinderella' where we will be writing alternative versions.  There is a funny alternative version to watch on YouTube.

Sahir's Independent Poem


Yesterday Amber class wrote letters to Prince Charming

Cinderella (Part 1) - Story Time with Ms. Booksy (Cool School)

Our Topic is British winter wildlife where we will be looking at the attributes that animals have and investigating their habitats.   We will be going on a visit to Ashridge woods to look for traces of animals - E.g. we will be looking at animal prints in the ground and trying to identify the animal.

Towards the end of the half term we will be inviting you in for our annual Christmas performance this year we are being very ambitious and are planning our very own pantomime!  We will also be going on Christmas trip.  Details to follow.

Keep looking for new updates! 


The children have been learning different facts about hedgehogs for their topic work.


Some of the facts they found out included, hedgehogs have 7,000 spikes and baby hedgehogs are called Hoglets!


During computing the children created some great art work of hedgehogs using our 2simple software on the computer,


We posted a couple of the pictures on Twitter and we got a reply back from Tiggywinkles the hedgehog rescue place!


Hello and welcome to a new year!

The children in Amber class are: Alex, Alisha, Dorcas, Hisham, Junior, Lionel, Sahir, Victor.

The adults in the class are: Sarah (Teacher), Hannah (TA2), Pauline and Rosa.


Our topic this half term is 'Fit as a Fiddle' where we will be learning all about being healthy! this includes  exercise, healthy eating, hygiene and about being safe.  We hope to go on a few trips including JUMP Arena! Hazard Alley, and a fitness park. We may also have a sponsored run!

In literacy we are looking at Dinosaurs! This includes Dinosaur Stories - Tyrannosaurus Drip written by Julia Donaldson. We will also be writing our own non-fiction dinosaur books, and  attempting some dinosaur poetry.

There is a lovely ITV version of Tyrannosaurus Drip which you can watch:

Maths we follow the usual cycle of a different theme each week or two weeks.  The first themes are: Time, number, shape, money, calculations, position, statistics.


Keep looking for updates! 

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