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Welcome to Pearl Class!



My name is Steph and I am the class teacher.  My TA2 is called Jane and I also have two other Teaching Assistants, Lucy and Sam.


The children in Pearl Class are Mohammed, Ibrahim, Tayyib, Lazim, Grace, Dorcas, Aamna and Brandon.



Summer 2


I hope that you all had a relaxing half term holiday, it certainly sounds like all of the children in Pearl Class have been busy!


This half term our topic is 'Different Places, Different Lives' and we have decided in Pearl Class to focus on Australia. We will be reading different Australian stories including 'The Lamb-a-roo' by Diana Kimpton, 'Possum Magic' by Mem Fox and 'Josephine Wants To Dance' by Jackie French..


We will be looking at Australian money, creating our own Aboriginal dot art pictures, making Anzac biscuits and Lamingtons and learning some fun Australian songs!


The children have also shown an interest in finding out about Pakistan and China!


Summer 1

This half term in Pearl class our topic is 'New Life'.  We are reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in Literacy and have already been busy producing lots of wonderful work!  We will be doing numeracy work linked to our story including counting beans and measuring giant footprints!




In Science we are looking at life cycles, in particular that of a butterfly.  We have our own caterpillars that are growing and soon they should be turning into Pupae - it will be very exciting to watch them change into beautiful butterflies!  We will be going on a mini beast hunt around the local area - I wonder what we will find!!

Spring 2

This half term's topic is 'Treasure Island'.. We will be doing lots of Pirate related activities such as making treasure maps and looking at creatures the you might find under the sea!

Drawing pirates on clicker paint


Using the BeeBots


Dressing up for World Book Day



Our story for this half term is 'Barry the Fish with Fingers'.

Barry the Fish with Fingers - Literacy work


Spring 1

This half term our topic is ‘Café’s’  In Literacy we will be looking at recipe books and hopefully creating our own class recipe book – maybe some parents would like to contribute?! 


In Numeracy we will be, amongst other skills, be looking at making purses or similar using nets.


We will be visiting Pizza Express, the fish and chip shop and creating our own ‘Vintage Café’ in our classroom. 


We are also lucky enough to be able to set up a Café role play area for the whole year band to use!  We will be designing and making our own sandwiches, making different types of cakes in cookery and looking at different food from around the world.  

Tea and sandwiches with our special guests


Our Sandwich Designs (After We Made Them, Before We Ate Them!)

Making and Eating Sandwiches

During this half term we have thoroughly enjoyed our 'Cafe's' topic!  We have been lucky enough to try Arabic food in class, go to eat lunch at an Indian restaurant, make Pizza's at Pizza Express and have a trip to Mc Donalds!


We have also designed, made and eaten sandwiches and pizzas in class and enjoyed using our role play area which has been set up as a 'Vintage Cafe' and Indian restaurant and an Italian restaurant!


To finish our topic work off for this half term we turned our class room into a 'Cafe' and served sandwiches and cups of tea!


Autumn 2

Last half term our topic was ‘Over The Rainbow’ and so we decided to focus on the story ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and had great fun writing character profiles, designing magic shoes, making tin men and the Emerald City and sharing the story with each other.  At the end of the term we had a treat and watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse version of the story – ‘The Wizard of Dizz!’

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