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Welcome to Pearl Class.


In Pearl Class we have Rachel who Is the teacher, also supporting in the class are Nicola, Janice, Jaimi, Sam and Amy. 
We have 9 children; Raees, Lazim, Ellis, Aliyah, Tajriyan, Kian, Damian, Lolu
and Sohail. 

Spring 2

This half term is a very short one and we have got a lot of hard work and exciting activities to get through.


Our topic is Up, Up and Away and we are looking at different types of air transport. You can hear our favourite song here. 

Computing Pictures - Presentations

Computing Pictures - Switch Toys

Science - Bubble Blowers

Up Up and Away

This will include, aeroplanes, helicopters, gliders and hot air balloons.  We hope to visit Duxford War Museum. You can find more information here
In cookery we will be looking at different ways of cooking eggs. 

Spring Term Update


Wow! What a wonderful party we had in class today!  Our book has been Barry the Fish with Fingers. 

or buy the book here

Today to bring the book to live we had a fish finger party like Barry. We made our own paper chain fish like Barry and made fishy party hats. We ate, fish fingers, vegetarian fish fingers, fish paste on toast, crab sticks, cheese sticks and tuna sandwiches. 


We sang and danced to 2 of our favourite songs, you can listen here

Spring 1

Wow what a run up to Christmas we had in Pearl Class! We now count down the days until summer!


This half term our topic will be Talking Textures. We will be focusing on science, learning lots of new vocabulary and making lots of lovely crafts.


In English we will be reading two books – Room on a Broom and Barry the Fish with Fingers.


Our cookery is based on our topic and we will be experiencing lots of different textures – through our mouths! 



The children have really enjoyed learning about keeping themselves safe, here is the game we played.


Topic - Canvas Printing

Topic - The Three Little Pigs

Topic - Weaving

In Literacy we really enjoyed our work on Room on a Broom, here is one of the songs we sang:

One of our favourite songs we are enjoying in class at the minute is:

Autumn 2

In cookery this half term we are making soups each week. We used pumpkins and onions from the garden to make soup this week.


In maths we are reading Aliens have underpants and doing our maths around that.


You can find other Aliens Love Underpants books on this website Also you can view the book on the amazon page here


In literacy and will be spending some time on our traditional tale – The Elves and the Shoemaker.


Our topic is Mission to Mars and we are hoping to have a ‘real’ life spaceman coming to visit us!

A song the children really like in Pearl Class at the minute is about a Pizza eating monster - you can listen to the song below.


Year 5 & 6 year band newsletter


Autumn 1

Our topic this half term is Down in the Jungle. In creative arts we will be learning a short song we look forward to sharing with parents at the end of term. In literacy we will be reading jungle themed books. In PSHE we will be looking at people who help us. In science we will be looking at different types of animals. In ICT we are making our own animations. 
We look forward to seeing you soon and working with you and your child this year. 
This week in literacy we have been reading Dear Zoo. Here is a link to a nice song that goes with the book.

Dear Zoo song (based on the book by Rod Campbell)

We have also been practising our Tiger Dance to show you at the end of term, you can listen to the music here.

Animal Songs: "Tiger in the Jungle," by StoryBots

Animations Pearl made in Computing


This week in Literacy...

The children have really been enjoying reading the story The Boy Who Lost his Belly Button. You can read more about it and buy it here -

From Monday 5th October


We will be reading the book Elmer by David McKee


"Elmer the colourful patchwork elephant has been a childhood favourite since this first book was published in 1989. The subtle message is that it is OK to be different. Elmer’s story is full of vibrant colour and cheeky humour, and can be enjoyed by all the family."


You can see the signed version of the book at the following link


 What we are listening too...

We have been listening to this piece of relaxing music and it is a big hit with the class.

The Swan (Le cygne)

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