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Summer 2

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Hello everyone

Hope you are all okay and staying safe. 


Our Richmond Hill Videos are now live on the website. They will be added to everyday by different staff. 

You can access them a few ways


Direct link:  

On to Website-  The Tab ` Parents` - Home Learning - Leaves


On the Main Website Home Page - Latest news - Leaves Home Learning 


This has also been sent to you through the class email. 

Missing you all 

Peacock class 

Summer 1


Hope you are all well at home and keeping safe. 
Remember Friday is dance and wiggle day.....


On Friday 15th of May we will be taking part in this year's Dance and Wiggle Day (either at school or from home). 


We would like to get everyone involved; so we are asking to send videos/photos of your child dancing to the address below so that our IT team can put together a video for all of us to watch!
The song this year will be: Trolls World Tour - Just Sing


Send your photos and videos to:
The children love seeing these videos, watching their friends and spotting familiar teachers. So please join in if you can. 
At home this week try and have a tea party with some of your toys... maybe you could make cakes and sandwiches like the Tiger that came to Tea. 
See if you can spot shapes or numbers within the environment?
Can you make a shape picture? 
Share a story and read some of the book with a family member. 
Watch the singing hams on YouTube and learn a nursery rhyme with signs. 
Missing you all .... from Peacock staff x 

Just Sing [ Lyrics ] | Trolls World Tour

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Hello everyone

We hope that you are doing well and keeping safe at home. 
We all miss you. 
Below are some activity ideas you could do at home with your family. 
Also you could practice your dancing ready for next week....
On Friday 15th of May we will be taking part in this year's Dance and Wiggle Day (either at school or from home). 
We would like to get everyone involved; so we are asking to send videos/photos of your child dancing to the address below so that our IT team can put together a video for all of us to watch!
The song this year will be: Trolls World Tour - Just Sing
Send your photos and videos to:

Butterflies Update

Hello Peacock Class

Hope everyone is well and continuing to stay safe at home. 

Here are more ideas to keep busy if you need them- this time we have linked the learning to

what we would have been learning about at school if we were open and things were normal.

Missing you all


Peacock Class

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Hello everyone 

I hope you all had a good Easter holiday. 
It has been lovely to speak to some of you this week on the phone and luckily some of you still have some chocolate eggs left! :-) 
I hope you are all keeping safe and well at home. Please make sure you use outside space in this time either your garden or a daily walk, remember you don’t need to go far but a change of scenery and some fresh air is really important. A good idea that we have used is walking to the post box which gives your walk a purpose and we have sent cards for birthdays that we are missing etc. 
Here are some challenges for this week alongside some photos: 
  1. Making art with leaves and things from nature- using paint or wax crayons to make prints 
  2. A sensory pea bag how many peas can they squash. This could be timed against a sibling! 
  3. number paint following numbers with paint and a cotton bud for fine motor skills 
  4. bottle of milk lids with numbers or letters wrote on them to match- this idea could be extended to match words or make words with the lids 
  5. to share a book together and draw a picture of the main character 
Remember the most important thing at this moment in time is your child being happy and safe. Use the ideas to dip in and out of when you wish. There are lots of websites out there with lots of ideas. These ideas above we use in the classroom but also can be found on Pinterest. 
Missing you all peacock class staff x 

Spring 2

Morning Peacocks 

I hope you are all ok at home. 
We hope that you all have a lovely Easter. 
Please remember the guidelines set by the government. Make memories inside or in the garden this Easter bank holiday. 
Stay safe x

Easter Activities

Here are 14 Easter themed activities we have selected which we think would be lots of fun during the holidays - children can do as many (or little) as they like. Maybe even one a day?



Hello Peacocks this weeks challenges are below: 

There is one for each day of the week. 
Monday: draw a sunshine to make someone smile. 
Tuesday: write the numbers 0-20 (you could even make your own number line or number cards) 
Wednesday: build a tower of blocks or with things in your house. Can you make a big tower? Can you make a small tower? Could you even make a medium sized tower? Wow! 
Thursday: write your full name both first and surnames! remembering capital letters 
Friday: share a story and talk about the characters in it. Could you use a describing word for example: The tiger is big and orange. 
I hope you are all safe and well. It was nice to  chat to you all yesterday and check in.

Hello Peacock Class :-) 

We hope you all had a good weekend. 
Second week now of being at home and we hope you are all safe and well. 
I have put together two documents to help you at home. One has lots of songs that the children are familiar with and these link to certain areas of the curriculum. Normally in class we may start the lesson with a song to get everyone focused and ready for learning. 
The second is an ideas sheet full of fine motor skill activities that can be done at home. These ideas use household items so use what you have around you to keep the children busy. The ideas are things that the children have done in class before. Remember fine motor skills enable the children to strengthen their hand muscles and helps with skills such as writing and doing buttons and zips on clothing for instance. 
Today's challenge is to draw a sunshine picture to make someone in your family smile. :-)

Animal Boogie Song

Here is a link to the Animal Boogie song the book we have been studying this half term.  Please share this with your child before completing the worksheets provided in your homework pack.

Dough Disco

At school the children regularly take part in dough disco to help develop their finger strength and fine motor skills. Here are some videos you can try with your child. These could be done once a day as repetition is great! 


Here is a handy no-cook playdough recipe that you can make at home. You could also get your child involved in making it with you!

Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough Recipe – Simply mix then kneed all the ingredients together


  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (baby oil and coconut oil work too)
  • 1/2 cup salt.
  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar.
  • 1 to 1.5 cups boiling water (adding in increments until it feels just right)
  • food colouring (optional)

Morning peacocks! 

Today there is a live tour of Chester Zoo from 10am. They are showing you most of the animals live.


I am sure all of you would love that after looking at animals in science this term. 
Also have you put a teddy bear in your window yet to do a bear hunt? People are going on bear hunts for their daily exercise. See how many you can spot?! 
Keep safe and have a good weekend 
Remember our class email is up and running if you need me. I check it daily. I will ring you all again on Monday/Tuesday to check in with you all. 

Caterpillar Update

We are currently at stage 3 of the life cycle.

Hello Everyone
We know this is a strange and unnerving time for everyone. Please as stated above use the class packs as they are full of activities that the children are familiar with. The computer activities are all well known by the children and the log in details for all of them our in the packs provided. 
On the internet due to the situation lots of websites are offering their resources for free, such as twinkl.


Children also love playing on Topmarks using their knowledge in interactive games.

If you are wanting more routine splitting the day up into sections may help. Ideas of how to do this are below.
(you could make cards or verbally tell them using the language now and next) 
Washing teeth and hands etc 
Getting Dressed 
PE- Joe Wicks PE session on youtube everyday 9am monday-friday 
Choosing time- give options to chose from e.g. play outside or playing with your cars inside 
creative- most people are putting rainbows in their windows, Could you join in?
We have been focusing on animals and life cycles in class. Could they make a butterfly painting etc? 
Snack Time and rest 
Maths- counting toys/building blocks or writing numbers. i-pad topmarks games on all subjects of maths 
Writing- writing their names both first and surname. In class we have been working on describing things, e,g, the bear from the animal boogie is black and white. 
Lunch time and rest 
Free afternoon - or continue the structure with more relaxed activities such as reading together watching something on TV together, cooking, even house hold chores! It is all part of life and everyday skills are essential
I have also attached a write dance that we have been doing every Monday morning. The children helped plan this write dance with me and all of the movements were their ideas :-). For this lesson we follow the powerpoint and use material to do the actions such as wave, zigzag etc. Then after we use those movements on paper with pens or crayons. It could be something nice to do together as a family or for them to do with their siblings. 
Please as before cherish this time with family and keep safe. The email set up for our class is checked daily so contact on that if you need anything. 

Hello everyone

From peacock team and I, we all wish that you are keeping well and safe following the government guidelines. Staying at home is the safest for all of us at this time. 
We understand that this is a strange and anxious time. 
Please use the packs we sent home as children will be familiar with those activities and learning websites. Please have fun with your children and ease their minds by reading or watching films as a family. This time together however strange is also very precious. 
Please contact the class email if you need to at any time as this will be checked daily. 
Please stay safe 
Thinking of you and missing you all 

World Book Day

Peacock Class Photos

We have been super busy so far this term, take a look at the photos below

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Spring 1

Pizza Hut Trip

We had a great time making pizza at Pizza Hut

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Update

Our topic for this half term is Over the Rainbow. We have been exploring a different colour each week. We have tasted different coloured foods, dressed in every colour of the rainbow and as part of our science work mixed paints to make new colours.


In literacy, we have been reading “Sleeping Beauty”. We are able to sequence and retell the story. We have also been concentrating on writing our names, making sure we use a capital letter and forming the letters correctly.

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 1

Writing and Letter Formation

We have focused on writing and letter formation, using lots of different ways to make writing fun and accessible to all. 


We have learnt lots in maths focusing on our core skills to progress them across the year. We have focused on money, size, shape and number. 

Hello we are Peacock Class


Welcome back, we hope you had an amazing summer holiday.


This page will be updated with all the fabulous activities we are doing and tell you what is happening in our classroom.


We are really excited for this year and have lots of fun things to look forward to. A copy of the timetable has been sent home so you know what lessons we have each day. The overview underneath will help you know what learning is taking place in the classroom this term.

As always please use the home school books to communicate with us when needed.


Thank you


Tabitha (Class Teacher), Margaret (TA3), Lisa and Farah (TA1)

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