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Dough Disco

Dough Disco is a high tempo, high energy session with play dough. Designed to encourage maximum participation the sessions are created for all levels of ability. Children develop fine motor muscles by manipulating the dough in a variety of ways, which in turn helps to improve their mark making and writing. If you wanted to have a go at home, there are some videos on you tube you can try, or simply put on your favourite music and dough dance away!

Here are some of the Dough Disco moves;

  • Squeeze (small portions for smaller hands);
  • Pat;
  • Poke – using all your fingers one at a time;
  • Squash into a pancake;
  • Tear;
  • Twist;
  • Roll into a ball;
  • Roll into a sausage;
  • Pinch;
  • Use tools to make patterns – these can include household tools such as knives and forks, potato mashers, cookie cutters etc.


More Dough Ideas

Check out Pinterest for more ideas.

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