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Owl Class

Autumn 1

Please find below our curriculum map for this term

Welcome to Owl Class

My name is Michelle and I am the Class Teacher. My team include Billy who is our TA3 and Leah and Caroline are our TA’s. The children are Azmeer, Eddy, Hameem, Junnurain, Qasim and Scarlett.

The children have settled in and getting used to their new surroundings and routine of Owl Class.


Our topic is called ‘All about me’. Each week we will have a different focus. We will use our senses by experimenting with sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing. We will create lots of lovely arts and crafts based on the topic and we will carry out lots of sensory activities.


Literacy – Our main story this half term is ‘Silly Suzy Goose’. The pupils will be encouraged to participate in reading the story and joining in with actions and sounds.  We will complete art based activities, mark making and writing, reading and communication, as well as following the sensory story.


We will carry out ‘Attention Skills’ on a daily basis. The focus on these sessions is to engage attention; improve joint attention; develop shared enjoyment in group activities; increase attention in adult-led activities; encourage spontaneous interaction in a natural group setting; increase non-verbal and verbal communication through commenting and overall to have fun!


We will also carry out ‘Write Dance’ which is an approach and method that provides movement opportunities so children can develop the physical skills needed to develop their handwriting skills. The movement is driven by the music and the underlying principle is enjoyment to build confidence.


In maths, we will be covering the areas of Number, Measure and Using and Applying Statistics. We will concentrate on one strand each week.


In cooking this half term we will focus on the skill of making sandwiches. Each week we will have a different ingredient to add / choose from. The children will be encouraged to become more independent in making the sandwiches each lesson.


Our value this term is ‘co-operation’ and the children will be awarded with certificates and badges for their co-operation. Please share any actions your child has carried out that has shown their co-operation e.g. putting on their shoes, tidying up, using the toilet, following an instruction etc., we will then celebrate this in class.


I will update the class page with pictures of the children enjoying their learning and participating in activities, so please check the website regularly.


If you have any questions / queries, then please do not hesitate to email me.


Kind regards,