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Summer 2

East Meets West Fest 2019

Gulliver's Land Trip


Different places, different lives (Chinese Wow Afternoon 19)


Different places, different lives (England Wow Afternoon 05/06/19)


Children looked at given numbers and use Numicons to make them in different ways. Children were totally independent in exploring the numbers and Numicons!

Leaflet Distribution

Emerald Class have been busy distributing leaflets to promote the RHS Summer Fete. It was super fun posting through the letter boxes and looking at the different flowers in some of the gardens!


We had great fun learning how to speed jump. We are all getting quicker and quicker.

Below is Emerald Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click on the picture below to view the document or click the PDF file to download.

Summer 1

Below is Emerald Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click on the picture below to view the document.

Spring 2


In Science, we have been learning about how we use our mouth to taste lots of different flavors. We had a section of nasty, nice, sour and sweet foods which included: coffee, milk chocolate, honey, lemon juice, dark chocolate, vinegar, salt and onion.


Our opinions differed where some of us enjoyed tastes like vinegar and dark chocolate and some of us did not. We all agreed that we liked milk chocolate though!

World Book Day

On Friday 8th March 2019, RHS celebrated World Book Day. The theme this year is to share a story. Emma from Yellow class came into our class to share one of her favorite stories; Aliens Love Underpants. We were asked some questions about the story once Emma finished reading it and then went on a hunt to look for different underpants! It was funny when we had to wear the underpants on our head. We also matched underpants to a given a number. 


Thank you Emma for sharing one of your favorite stories with us.


In English, the story we are focusing on is "I'll Always Love You" by Paeony Lewis. In the story, Alex the main character breaks his mum's favorite honey jar by accident and then decides to make her a new one with his name on it. 


Emerald Class made their own honey jars with their names on it which they painted carefully using glass paint. Have a look at their jars below!


This half term, our value is "Honesty". Have a look at Emerald Classes honesty reminders. 

Below is Emerald Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click on the picture below to view the document.

Spring 1

Enterprise Prep

On Thursday 28th February, RHS are holding their first ever Enterprise Fair. This will be an opportunity for classes to get creative and sell items or services to help raise money for a treat. 


Emerald Class will be selling a "Grow Your Own mystery Plant" where you will be a able to plant a seed and then once your seed has blossomed, you will find out what the plant is!


We all went shopping for the fair as we have been given a £25 budget to spend on items for the fair. We walked into town and went to Poundland and Wilkinson's to compare prices of plant pots and seeds. Wilko's was cheaper so we brought our items from there! 

McDonald's and Costa


In Emerald Class we have been working on our PLP'S where we socialise and interact with each other. To help us do this, we all had a lunch date at Mcdonald's. We enjoyed ordering our meals and then tidying up after ourselves. We spoke about the different things we ordered. We then went to Costa and enjoyed a delicious chocolate Babychino together. It was a frothy, milky hot chocolate drink. We really liked being in a coffee house, although some of us didn't like the strong smell of coffee!  

Maths Photos

In Maths, we have been exploring numicons. We have been using numicons to make numbers and managed to make big numbers up to 90! We then used numicons to add numbers. We also made numbers in lots of different ways using numcions.

Buddy Class Visit

On 23/01/19 our buddy class came over from the east site to join in on a crafts activity. As our cookery this half term is biscuits and drinks, we made Parrot Class some delicious rainbow cookies and an orange, ginger and carrot juice! Only a few them tried the juice and liked it but they all loved the biscuits, as did we. We then teamed up with the children in Parrot Class and together we weaved wool. This was very difficult, especially for Parrot Class but we were so happy and proud that they all had a go. We all showed our value of the month which is determination as we all carried on and didn't give up. Well done to us!

Below is Emerald Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click on the picture below to view the document.

Autumn 2


Willow Activity Farm - Christmas Trip

On the 14th December, Emerald Class went to Willow Activity Farm! It was a fun-filled day where we saw lots of farm animals. We held a guinea-pig and fed different animals such as goats, rabbits, horses and cows! We went on a tour bus and sang Christmas songs. We went to Santa's grotto and received a special Christmas present. Finally, we enjoyed playing at the huge soft-play area. We had so much fun! 

Santa at RHS

Santa came to visit us at school today! Ho, Ho, Ho! We received a sweet treat for our hard work and effort this term. 

Christmas Cooking

Children in Emerald Class created their very own edible tree! We mixed rice krispies and melted white chocolate together and then shaped the mixture into a cone. We then used green food dye to paint the color on the tree and icing sugar to add on decorations!

Buddy Class Tea Party

On Tuesday 6th November Emerald Class went over to the East site for a tea party with our buddy class; Parrot Class. We had a lovely time dancing to fun songs and sharing food with each other. We had the chance to play in their playground and were fascinated by the big field they had, it was huge! We created a hand print tree together to show our union. It was lovely seeing our buddy class and we cannot wait to see them again. We have a Christmas party planned with them on Monday 10th December. 

Asda Trip

On the 15th November, Emerald Class went on a trip to Asda! Children spent money and experienced exchanging money for different treats. Children used the self service checkout to pay for the products. The children had a lot of fun looking at different products and prices.

Below is Emerald Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click on the picture below to view the document.

Autumn 1

Emerald Update

Emerald Class had a wonderful time at Whipsnade Zoo. We got to see lots of animals including noisy chimpanzees, stripy zebras, sleeping lions, shocked meerkats, quiet lemurs, tall giraffes, hunting dogs, huge hippopotamus, white rhinos and lots and lots of beautiful butterflies! During our educational talk we learnt about reptiles, mammals and birds and we got to feel fur, feathers and snake skin! We even saw an ostrich egg which was humongous!

In Maths we’ve been exploring numicons. We used these to find 1 more/less than a given number and some of us even used them to help us with addition problems.
Look at our Ocean Topic Board that we all created! We used different types of foil to make fish scales and we even made our very own jelly fish! We really are going wild in Emerald Class!


Hello and welcome to Emerald Class. Let me introduce you to our staff! I am Rabina, the Class Teacher. Jenny D is our TA2 and our TA’S are Claire, Simon and Chandon. In Emerald Class we have 5 boys and 3 girls. They have settled in well to their new class.


This half term, our topic is ‘Let's Go Wild’. We will be learning all about jungle animals and different habitats. This week we have become jungle explorers making hats and binoculars. Have a look below! The children are looking forward to our trip to the Zoo! 

In English our book is ‘Star party’ from the Tilly and Friends series on CBeebies. The children made their own bright stars and are starting to explore the different animals in the story. Image result for Tilly and friends star party

I am looking forward to meeting Emerald Class’ parents on ‘Meet the Teacher’ in a few weeks’ time.

Below is Emerald Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click on the picture below to view to document.

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