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Welcome to Ruby Class!


Welcome to Ruby class, I am Hannah the class teacher, our TA 2 is Jayne and Rosa and Hannah M are our learning support assistants.


The pupils in Ruby class are AJ, Danyal, Isa, Amaan, Rebecca, Annie, Imran and Haydn.


Summer 2


This half term our topic is 'Moving and Changing' which we will be exploring forces with the help of some superheroes!!! We'll be meeting Powerful Push, Pretty Pull, Super Spinner, Magnetic Man and lots more during the term!


In literacy we will be reading books about 'Pants'. In science we will be learning about forces.


We will be raising money for our trip to Guilivers Land.


Summer 1


This term in Ruby class we are going to be metamorphosing into frogs! As well as our frog role play, we will be learning about frog life cycles, taking part in frog themed art and visiting ponds to so some pond dipping.

Pond dipping at Ashridge

Some of our Topic Work

In literacy we will be reading Tiddalick The Australian dream time story.

What made Tiddalik Laugh

In addition, we will be reading the story, The tadpole’s promise,  in topic work.


Spring 2


This half term our topic is 'Through The Decades'. We shall we having a decade party each Friday morning where we shall dress up, listen to music, dance, sample foods and play with toys relevant to each decade starting with the 40's through to the 80's.  We will also be recreating some of the popular artistic styles from each decade too.


Pupils have already enjoyed learning about the war, pretending to be army people and flying war airplanes.  

Our Chocolate bar Advert Work at the E-Learning Centre

You can see our finished adverts on Richmond Hill TV here 

(you will need the username and password to login)

Story boards for our adverts


Through the decades topic work


Pupils have been having a fantastic time in Ruby class, reading Charlie and the chocolate factory. We have been writing in chocolate, taking a journey in our great glass elevator and playing in “Charlie’s chocolate shop” role play area. This week we have been designing our own chocolate bars and designing the packaging for it. 


During cookery pupils will be designing their own chocolate bar, and making the wrapper for it in ICT. 

Our chocolate bar wrapper designs


In numeracy pupils will be learning to use money in a chocolate and sweet shop, role playing being the customer and the shop keeper. 


Spring 1

This half terms topic is 'Materials and their properties' where we will be investigating different textures.

In literacy we will be reading “Rainbow fish” in the first half of the term and in then later “The smartest giant in town”

Rainbow Fish - Literacy Work

Making shapes with ourselves and elastic


Autumn 2

Last half term we covered the topic “Mission to Mars” we decorated an area of the classroom in a space themed sensory room, where we went on imaginary missions to Mars. During literacy we read “Aliens love underpants” which proved very popular!


All ready for our Christmas performance of “Christmas songs thoughout the ages"




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