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Autumn 1

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Hi welcome to Kingfisher class page I am Colette the classroom teacher and I am supported in class by Beth TA3. We are also very fortunate to have 3 TA’s Karen, Josie and Theresa to help us.


We have 9 children in the class 7 boys Cyrus, Kuba, Sean, Szymon, Yousuf , Vlad , Zayyan and 2 girls, Maisha and Sapphire.


Our English book this half term is Supertato and we are very excited to explore the props linked to the story and to complete writing, speaking/listening , reading activities linked to this lovely story.,204,203,200_.jpg

Meet Supertato! He's always there for you when the chips are down. He's the superhero with eyes everywhere - but now there's a pea on the loose. A very, very naughty pea. Has Supertato finally met his match?


In Maths we will be studying a different area each week  including, Number, Measure, Geometry, Positional language and Money.  Please see Curriculum Map for more details.


Topic this half term is Get ready, stay safe, be healthy and we will  be looking at the areas body parts, sport, hygiene, personal safety and healthy eating.  We plan to have a trip to Futures fun factory and will use the exercise equipment in the local park.

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