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Summer 2

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Science Activities & Spellings

This is a booklet with lots of fun science activities that you could try with your child


I know they will be missing our weekly spelling test so have attached a fun way to practise spellings


Can you believe we are the beginning of the last term already!

Let's hope the sun shines and we can spend lots of time outside enjoying nature, this term our topic would have been 'How does your garden grow' and we would have been making an area of the garden our very own Purple slot. Unfortunately that is not going to happen this year, but it would be nice if you get a chance to grow anything, even on the window ledge.  If you have a paper plate, you can cover it with some  wet cotton wool or kitchen roll, then buy a small packet of cress seeds and sprinkle some on the plate, they will grow very quickly, if you remember to water them.  Then you could always cut up the cress and make some egg and cress sandwiches with your produce.


Our story is another Julia Donaldson rhyming story called The Snail and the Whale.  It is all about a snail who hitches a lift with a whale to travel around the world.  I have sent a youtube link to a good version, but there are lots of different versions to watch on youtube, remember to check them out first.  Have also attached an activity around a snail, you may see them in the garden or outside at this time of year as well.


In maths we would be recapping our number work and working on addition and subtraction.  Remember to look on Purplemash as they have some good activities.

Summer 1


In maths I have added a powerpoint all about problem solving........there are also lots of fun activities that you can do at home to support problem solving...such as laying the table, counting out coins to pay for items, working out how many legs there would be if you found two ladybirds etc.


This week in our topic we would be looking at ladybirds.  Hopefully if you get to go outside this week we are expecting some lovely weather and so you might be able to find some ladybirds.  Have attached a powerpoint to give you some facts about them and a couple of activities.  Would be good as well if you could try and draw a ladybird , remember how many legs they need.


In maths this is a home learning  pack which could be helpful to dip into for some ideas.......also an adding minibeast activity, which involves some colouring and some maths.

The Smartest giant in Town

Continue reading the lovely story The Smartest Giant in Town, there is a lovely song to go with the book on youtube.  Have attached an activity to do with the book if you need one.


Also as this is a rhyming book , here is a rhyming powerpoint.


Hope you are all well and managing to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine we have had and hopefully found lots of bugs on your bug hunt.  This week we would be looking at minibeasts with 6 legs, so have sent some bits on bees. If you cannot print off the activities just have a look at the powerpoint.


Continue looking for minibeasts in the garden and here are some fun activities to try.

Telling the time

'There are 2 PDF's to focus on time again and have given you some worksheets if you want to print off.  If you cannot print them off do not worry just remember to look at the clocks in the house and point out the times to the children when you do activities.


Hello and hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine.  Here are a few activities to follow on from last week's introduction to the Summer term.  Another teacher also found a good link to a book that you might like to read with your children , I have included it here.   Please use the powerpoint story The smartest giant in Town from last week and you may also be able to access some good versions of the story on youtube, although remember to check them out before you show them to your child.  Here are some worksheets to go with the story.


Our new topic is all about Creepy Crawlies......this week we would be doing a bug hunt, which hopefully if the weather is nice you can go out to do.  I have attached a minibeast tally chart that would be fun to fill in.   Please do not worry if you cannot print it off, just see what creatures you can find and identify.


In maths this week we would be revisiting time.  Make use of all the clocks in the house and point out different times of the day.  I will add some time worksheets later on.    All the children are familiar with 0'clock , some are familiar with half past and quarter past and quarter to. It Will be good to show them the difference between digital and analogue time.

Welcome Back

I Hope you are all well and enjoyed the sunshine during the two-week break from school.  This is the curriculum map for Summer 1,  I will add some work to do with things on this map each week.  Please remember you might need to adapt certain things for your child to access, please email me if you need any other ideas.  Also make use of all the learning opportunities that are available every day at home, joining in cooking, playing games and discovering new things outside.'


English - The book we would be looking at this term is called The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julia Donaldson.  There is a PowerPoint of the story that you can use to introduce it to the children.  I have also attached a worksheet you can print off.

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Spring 2

Spring Worksheets

Below are some spring worksheets that you can print off

Home Learning Activities

Let's hope the sun shines for the next few weeks and you and the children can have a good Easter break. I Have sent a few practical ideas if you need anything to keep busy, but please do not feel pressured to do any 'work' activities over this time.


In PSHE we have been looking at emotions. This is a good PowerPoint to use as a game with the children. Try to ask them if they can think of other reasons why people feel this emotion.....also what can we do to help people when they feel that emotion.

Ideas for Home Learning


This week we would have been looking at shapes.  These two PowerPoints will help the children recap 2D and 3D shapes. 
 You could also go on a shape hunt around the house looking for different shapes.   
You could describe an item in the house by its shape or properties, this might be easier if you limit the choice to 3 items
You could describe an item hidden from them and see if they can guess what it is, if you model the game first, they could be the describer (good for extending speaking skills too)


In Science we have been exploring sound this half term, the children could always be encouraged to play a game, where you make a sound and they have to identify it. This PowerPoint we used a bit at school, but they might enjoy looking at it again.


In Maths we have been doing some work on money, use coins and notes to encourage the children to identify them.....also you could play pretend shops to pay for things with 1p coins and 2p coins. These PowerPoints will help your children transfer their knowledge about coins to making totals.

Story Time

This is a PowerPoint of the story we have currently been reading this half term.  You can watch it with the children and ask them different questions about the story and encourage them to tell you the story and predict what is going to happen next.

Enterprise Day & Topic

Purple class were busy making peppermint creams for Enterprise day. We had fun on our first snow day. As part of our topic Town and Country we went to see where each of us lived and what our house looked like.

Please find below our curriculum map for this term

Spring 1

Woodlands Cafe

We had a great time at Woodlands Cafe socialising with our friends.


We have been exploring different art from Picasso, Kandinsky and Warhol.  We also cut up some comics to make comic strip pictures in the design of Lichenstein.

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 2


We had fun making Christingles. We got some oranges and put a red ribbon around them.  Then we picked up sweets with cocktail sticks.  Then we poked these into the oranges.  We then made a hole for a candle.  We put the candle in and then we use a match (with Sarah's help) to light the candles.  


In Science we have been exploring light.  We used torches to find jewels in the dark.  We looked through kaleidoscopes and put on sunglasses.  We used mirrors to make our own kaleidoscope.

Halloween Fun

We have been looking at the tradition of Halloween.  We got a pumpkin and everyone helped scoop out the inside and then Sarah carved a face in it.  Then some children helped light candles to put inside.  

We then use coloured tissue paper to try and make our own pumpkin and drew faces on them with coloured pens.

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 1

We had a lovely trip to the recycling centre to see what happens to our rubbish.

We have been busy looking at things made from plastic and how we can recycle them.  We collected empty plastic milk cartons and then we turned them into elephants :) 


Purple class is made up of 8 boys and 1 girl .  Sarah is the teacher, Shirley the TA4 and Josh, Dawn and Liz support in the class.  We look forward to sharing with you photos and information about the exciting things we have been doing in our class.   This week we introduced our topic for the half term.  It is called What a Load of Junk and we made some binoculars and went around the school grounds looking for rubbish to put in the bin.


Please find our Curriculum Map below.

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