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Digital Safeguarding Advice - Bedfordshire Police


When you access the internet it leaves a digital trail of what you have been doing. Nothing you do online is completely private and has the potential to become open to the public.


If you use any social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. the things you are sharing may no longer be just your property, anybody could potentially see it, download it and misuse it.


We not saying don’t post on social media sites, continue doing what you are doing but just be aware when you do use them.


Make sure your accounts are set to private. That way you have some control over who sees your posts, photos or videos. If someone can view your social media activity and you don't want them to see it then you can unfriend, block, unfollow or unsubscribe. 


Get familiar with the settings it really will make things you share just that bit safer.

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