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The Three Little Pigs


Autumn 1

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Welcome Back

Hi My name is Chrissie and I am the class teacher in Duckling Class. My team are Denise (TA3) Shazma, Katie and Donna (TA1’s). We have eight amazing children in our class.


The first half term is very important for our children. It’s a time to settle in, build relationships with the adults and feel at home and secure in the environment. As such we take our time to get to know each other, to build rapport and trust.


As the children are in their first year at “big” school we will spend much of our time carrying out one to one interventions. It is really important to build self confidence in our children so we focus on what they can do and celebrate every little achievement. We take time to teach children to look after themselves in terms of dressing and undressing, toileting, washing and general personal hygiene. This is especially important in the current climate.


All activities are linked to the topic and set at each individual child’s level of ability, as such much of the important “work” is carried out one to one. We will have group sessions but to begin with these will be active lessons where physical participation is the aim. We want the children to have fun while they learn so the focus is very much on play, this way the children don’t realise that what we are actually doing is work! 


Our focus this year is to teach learning to learn skills, this includes; listening, body awareness, attention and play. In order to build these skills we provide an irresistible invitation to learn. This means not only do our activities have to be engaging but as adults we have to be a little crazy. But in a good way!


We really hope the children have an amazing first year at Richmond Hill and we look forward to sharing their journey with them.




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