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Summer 2


This half term our topic is 'fun in the sun' . We will be playing team games with other classes,  learning about being safe in the sun and holding our own Summer Fete! The children will be designing and making games for the fete as well as writing invitations and posting them.


In Literacy we are looking at the story 'Aliens love Underpants ', which will include work such as designing our own pants, creating an alien and writing our own stories!


In computing this half term we are learning about 'coding' and most children will be working through the programme on or Kodable. Some children will be navigating their way around mazes on the programme 'beep'.


This half term promises to be filled with fun and laughter- a great recipe for learning!

Summer 1

This half term our topic is 'Water Water Everywhere'.  We are focusing on the stories 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson and then 'The Fish Who Could Wish'.

The Fish Who Could Wish

In maths we continue to focus on number, shape, space and measure.


As part of our topic work some of us will be going pond dipping.  We will be playing with water, making water art (such as marbling) and thinking of different ways in which we use water.  We are also going to be thinking about who needs water and why.

Numeracy activities

Literacy activities

Topic activities - Water, water everywhere!

Cookery activities

ICT activities

Gardening activities


Spring 2

We thoroughly enjoyed out 'We All Go Travelling By' topic last half term.  Highlights included our train trip to Harpenden (accidentally sitting in First Class - whoops!), our airport role play -(where some of the children really believed they were going on holiday!) and our end of term celebration which was simply fantastic - all of the children enjoyed showing off their work and it was a pleasure to see so many parents joining us.

This half term our topic is 'Rule Britannia'.  We will be looking at the four countries that make up the United Kingdom - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland over the next four weeks.  We will be basing our cookery on traditional dishes from each of these countries, looking at their flags, national anthems, national emblems and much more!
In literacy we will be reading a lovely story that Josie has written for us, it is called 'My Week' and alongside learning about the days of the week and talking about what we do during the week, it also includes traditionally British food which we may make too!
As part of the Equals curriculum we will also be taking a look at life in Victorian England.  We are lucky enough that some of us will be visiting the Victorian Museum in Hitchin to experience a Victorian school room and also the museum at Wardown Park to look at different Victorian toys.





Spring 1


This half term our topic is 'We all go travelling by'.  We will hopefully be going on a few different trips - travelling on a train, bus and narrow boat!  We will be looking at and learning about Air, Rail, Road and Water travel.


In Literacy we will be reading two main books - 'The Journey Home From Grandpa's' and 'Davy Ducks Scary Journey'.


In Cookery we are cooking dishes that we might find in our local community.
In ICT we are going to be learning how to make a book on 'Clicker 6' and some of us are going to try and make a power point!
We hope to have a fantastic finish to our topic work this term by inviting parents and members of the local community in to school to celebrate our achievements this term.

Topic work - 'We all go travelling by...'


Autumn 1


Welcome to Pearl Class!


My name is Steph and I am the class teacher. My TA2 is called Jane and the oher TAs in the class are Elaine, Lynda and Julie.


We have 8 children in Pearl class, Sanmay, Aamna, Aisha, Safwaan, Tyler, Asam, Cameron and Alex.


This half term our topic is 'Fit as a fiddle'. We will be learning about healthy eating, personal care, keeping fit and the human life cycle. Every morning we go on a power walk to set us up for learning and to help us get more healthy!


In cookery we will be learning to make biscuits, building on the skill and hopefully making biscuits independently by the end of the half term!


In Literacy the book that we are reading is 'I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato' by Lauren Child.

Charlie and Lola - I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato


Numeracy activities


Literacy activities


Science activities


Topic work - 'Fit as a Fiddle'


Cookery Lessons


Gardening activities

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