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Roots KS2 Autumn Term 

Welcome to our Roots KS2 Pathway page. We hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting activities our KS2 classes are doing across the Autumn term. There are 5 classes in Roots KS2- Kingfisher, Bluebird, Owl, Toucan and Peacock.  

Owl and Toucan had an amazing time at Whipsnade Zoo

Spring 1



This half term many of the KS2 Roots classes are exploring the story  "The animal Boogie". We are following an Attention skills format and pupils are taking part in 4 stages. During these sessions we will be working on a variety of skills, including communication, independence, turn taking, listening and fine-motor skills. 


Classes are continuing to go on trips to Asda. This supports them with developing their understanding of road safety, following visual instructions and using tills to pay for their shopping.


We are continuing to take part in a variety of life skills sessions and are working really hard on developing our independence! 


We hope to have the KS2 Sensory Regulation room ready in the next few weeks which will be a great addition to the curriculum. 

Please continue to visit this page for regular updates. 

Bluebird class have been busy:

Peacock Class have continued to develop their skills during Identiplay sessions and regular shopping trips to ASDA. 

Ashridge Trip

Bluebird Class had a lovely but very cold day out to Ashridge. They walked about 10,000 steps!

Peacock Class have been going to ASDA once a week to buy food items for cookery. We find the matching symbols before we leave and put them on our shopping list. As we find the items around ASDA, we take them off and give them to an adult'. We are also developing our skills of finding the barcode when scanning the items before paying'. 

Autumn 2

This half term as part of our Learning For Life Curriculum the pupils will be:

- Experiencing a range of activities to learn about and celebrate Diwali and Christmas

- In PSHE they will learn about People that Help Us. 

- Some of our functional Maths work will be based around clothing, cleaning & baking biscuits. 


The pupils will continue to develop their communication skills throughout the school day and we have lots of exciting Expressive Arts activities planned too. 

KS2 have been having lots of fun celebrating Christmas over the past week or so, including some lovely trips....

Peacock Class have been getting festive and have made some lovely Christmas crafts. 

Toucan class have been getting festive decorating their classroom ready for Christmas. They also won the Dec the Door Competition at East site! Well done Toucan Class!

Dec the Door competition winners- Toucan Class!!!

Bluebird Class have been using the traditional tale- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs across the curriculum to learn different skills:

Kingfisher Class have been exploring musical instruments and having fun making lots of different noises with them.

Kingfisher class enjoyed their first visit to Asda! 

Toucan class have had some fun turn taking in Attention skills.

Exploring People that help us in PSHE

Bluebird Class are focussing on brushing their teeth everyday this half term as part of our OSHE Healthy Smile Campaign.

Kingfisher Class made a lovely Poppy display on Remembrance Day.

Diwalli Celebrations in Peacock class

Autumn 1

We all enjoyed raising awareness about childrens mental health by celebrating #Helloyellow day on 8th october: 

Kingfisher Class have been enjoying their daily walks and exploring the outside spaces to help them keep active: 

The pupils have been learning about their feelings and emotions linked to the Zones of Regulation. We used the story book- The Colour Monster. Here are some of the pupils enjoying a sensory version of the story: 

Peacock Class have been busy in Functional Maths:

Toucan class have been working hard. 

Bluebird Class have been exploring the role play room that is currently set up as a Kitchen:


Owl class have been busy developing those all important life skills; Here they are washing cars.

Bluebird Class enjoyed taking part in the Expressive Arts Piano project 'The Grand Piano Tinkle Tour':

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