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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Summer 1

Pupils have been clowning around this half term, as part of our Show time topic.

Pupils have been taking part in an adapted Write dance literacy session. Write Dance involves the pupils making the writing shapes, as part of a dance, and then transferring their moves onto paper, to make marks. All of the pupils have enjoyed the music that accompanies the different movements.


In maths pupils have developing and consolidating their matching skills, with a range of colour matching activities. Some pupils have been able to recognise and give named colours on request.


During topic we have been dressing up and clowning around as clowns do! Without exception, the boys enjoyed playing and exploring the shaving foam, that clowns use for their custard pies!

At the beginning of the term we were lucky enough to have  a circus work shop . Pupils had the opportunity to experience juggling, diablo, small stilts and many other fun activities.  


Spring 2

Welcome back to the second half of the spring term, we are half way through the school year already! This half term in literacy we will be reading an adapted version of the story Monkey  Puzzle, by Julia Donaldson. 


Our classroom is already in the process of being transformed into a Jungle! This gives the children and opportunity to be totally immersed in the story telling process.  Look back in a couple of weeks for picture updates of our Jungle classroom.


Our topic this term is town and country, we are going to be comparing life in a town and countryside, through the senses. In cooking we will be baking and making foods that are associated with both town and country,  I already know all of the boys will love the taste testing sessions!  In art and DT we will be making our own 3D towns, with the addition of cars and play figures we will be working on the development of our communication and play skills. 

Topic work

Mark making

Spring 1

This half term in yellow class our topic is pictures, painting and photographs. We have been completing our own art pieces in the styles of different artists. In our first week we did some “street art” in the style of the famous street artist Banksy. This all turned out beautifully. 


We have been developing our fine motor control through a range of printing activities. All the boys enjoyed our sensory art week. Coloured shaving foam and painting with yoghurt was a particular favourite!


Our story this half term is an adapted version of the book Flat Stanley. We have retold this through massage and a sensory story. Pupil have posted Flat Stanley to India where we did some mark making with spiced paint. We flew over to the cold lakes of Canada, where we played in sensory snow and made marks with coloured ice.


We have been working hard on gaining independence skills. Especially being able to put shoes, socks and coats on independently and getting undressed and dressed for PE. All the boys have shown great perseverance and all are able to do this now, some independently and some with a small amount of verbal support. 

Autumn 2

Yellow class have had great fun taking part in the story Hansel and Gretel, in literacy. Pupils have been working on their mark making skills using a variety of mediums; our favourite has been the peppermint candy cane paint and the gingerbread paint. Pupils have been trying to cackle like witches using the microphone. All of the pupil’s favourite part of the story has been stealing the witches treasure and exploring the treasure baskets to see what goodies they have stolen!


In numeracy we have been working on sequencing activities. Pupils have been making their own sandwiches, using photographs and symbols to help remind them what to do. Pupils have been sequencing the task of washing up, so no excuses at home now; they can all help wash up after dinner!


In Science we have been learning about light and dark. Pupils have been exploring shadows and making their own shadow dance and shadow puppets.

The pupils also enjoyed working with UV lights and UV materials.


Pupils have been mark making with highlighters and learning to turn battery operated equipment on and off in our sensory light room. 

Autumn 1


Welcome to yellow class, I am Hannah, the class teacher. We are lucky in yellow class to have two TA2`s, Michelle and Gemma, and equally lucky to have 3  TA1`s Jessica, Gemma and Kelly. We work together to make learning fun, exciting and engaging for the five lovely boys of yellow class. The boys are Joshua, Talha, Harun, Hassan and Shariah.


This half term we are already been fully immersed in junk! with our “What a load of junk” topic. We have been recycling, junk modelling,  painting with junk and exploring different types of materials.


In literacy we have been reading and taking part in spooky stories, through the medium of massage. We read the poem about “Webster witch” where we enjoyed making our own spooky potions.


Literacy activities


Numeracy activities


Topic work - 'What a Load of Junk'

Gardening activities


Autumn 1 - Recap


Yellow class have had a busy, yet fun start to the year. We can’t believe that it’s half term already! All five boys have settled in really well. They have been amazing us all each day with the things they have learnt and remembered.


A highlight for each of the boys this half term has been our Halloween sensory story. Some of the boys have particularly enjoyed exploring and mark making in a range of messy and gruesome witches potions. 


We have had two boys introduced to using PECS book to communicate. They have taken to these like ducks to water and are starting to initiate communication, using the symbols in the books.


Next half term we will be searching in woods and finding gingerbread houses! as we retell the story of Hansel and Gretel for our traditional tail.


Out topic is “Let there be light” where we will be exploring and investigating everything light related. 

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