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Welcome to Red Class!


Hello, welcome to the Red Class page. My name is Chrissie and I am the Teacher, we have four other adults in Red class, Margaret who is Team Leader / Teaching Assistant and takes the lead whenever I am not in class, we also have Jessica, Sharon and Linda as Teaching Assistants.


Red Class consists of seven boys: Harun, Shariah, Eshal, Hayaan, Rashdan, Olivier and Joshua.

One of our aims for this year is to help the children become as independent as possible, this includes dressing and undressing themselves, being able to collect and put on their own coats and boots, feeding themselves and being able to communicate their most basic needs. We are also working with the children to ensure they are able to cope with the social norms in the world outside school, such as sitting to eat at a table, turn taking and sharing toys. 


Summer 2

A Sailor Went to Sea

Row Row Row Your Boat

I hear thunder

CBeebies: Numtums songs 1-10


Spring 2

This half term our topic is “Making Sense”, our focus is exploring the senses and will include lots of activities to encourage the children to explore using sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. 

Music with Aga

Our book for the term is “Don’t put your finger in the Jelly Nelly” by Nick Sharratt, which can be bought from amazon. To buy click here 








Spring 1


This term in Red class we have been doing lots of work around the story of Where the Wild Things Are. The children have enjoyed some creative work: making costumes, scenery, hand puppets, making a max figure using clay, headdresses, claws, monster marks with paint, wild thing pictures and making wild sounds with musical instruments. 


Our Topic this half term is What a Performance and within that we will be focussing on the story “Where the Wild Things are”. We shall be learning about starting and stopping, a variety of materials both man-made and natural, making masks, costumes and scenery, matching and counting, different types of “Wild” food and exploring the woodland. As the title of the topic suggests at the end of the half term we will be putting on a performance of the story to another class in the school.



Where the Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

This half term in science we have been looking at various types of materials and learning about how they feel, using words to describe them such as rough, smooth, hard and soft.

In ICT we are learning to make sounds using “Noisy Things” and “2 Simple” and also using an electronic keyboard in class.

Noisy Things - ICT

Cookery this term has been focused on many different types of biscuits, the children have tasted lots of different flavours including orange spice biscuits, chocolate brownie biscuits, oaty flapjack, and many other yummy treats. We are looking forward to next terms cookery when we will be focusing on pastry pin wheels of all types – savoury and sweet.

Making and Eating Flapjack

We run a very sensory curriculum in Red Class making sure the boys have a chance learn in a sensory way.


We also ensure that they have the opportunity for one to one learning including Intensive interaction, Tac Pac and Music. As a group they will take part in cookery, circle time, story, PE, music and Attention Autism. However, most of the specific subject teaching is carried out on a one to one basis during the afternoon.

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