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Spring 2 

Welcome back to Purple Class. The adults in our class are Sapna (teacher), Jayne (lead teaching assistant) and Marie, Emily and Louise (teaching assistants). It’s a very short term but we have lots of exciting things planned!


Our topic this term is ‘Leave your mark’’ so we are going to be getting very messy! The focus of this topic is art, sculpture and mark making. Each week in our topic sessions, we will be learning about and exploring a different area of art, such as sculpture or tie dying. At the end of the term we will be making a giant dinosaur sculpture to show the rest of the classes, please help us by sending in boxes (large and small), loo roll tubes, egg boxes and anything else you think might help to make a great dinosaur! We will also need lots of tin foil to help us make our animal sculptures.

In Literacy our learning will be based on the book ‘Doodling Daniel’ which is about a boy who draws a magic door that takes him on an adventure based on things he draws from his imagination!

Spring 1

Happy New Year! The children have come back to school with lots of energy and excitement so we are looking forward to lots of learning this term. We said goodbye to Kamran who moved to join green class and welcomed Jasmin to Purple Class. Our adults are ; Sapna (class teacher), Katie (TA2) and Marie, Emily and Louise (TAs).


Our topic this term is ‘Showtime’ so we expect to see the children doing some performances for their Purple class and friends in other classes. We will be practising lots of performance skills and taking videos of some of our shows. We will use ourselves, hand and stick puppets as well as ICT to create shows. 


In Literacy our learning will be based on the book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. The story is all about a boy called Max who goes on an adventure to become King of the Wild things. We will be pretending to be Max and the Wild things.


In the story, Max has his own boat so we will be visiting Wardown Park to make our own boats from natural materials and watch them float on the river. In Maths we will be continuing our work with numbers and counting and sorting. In our measurement lessons, we will be focusing on money, coins and shopping. We will be role playing shopping activities, exploring real money and counting and sorting coins. In geometry we will be looking at position and direction. We will be focusing on vocabulary such as on, under, next to. You can practise these words at home when playing games such as hide and seek or when tidying up toys.


In Science we will be exploring materials. The children will use different skills to help turn the classroom into a jungle like in our story. We will be tearing, folding, scrunching and sticking paper to make vines across the ceiling. We will be naming and exploring materials and sharing how they feel. Some of us will be able to have a go at naming some of the properties of our materials such as ‘fluffy’, ‘cold’, or ‘squishy’. 


In Creative Arts we will be using art, music, drama and role play to create our own performances. We will be recording our work and watching it back to see if we can recognise ourselves and give a comment to other children.


In Cookery we are cooking and tasting a variety of different things ‘on toast’ such as cheese, beans, spaghetti hoops, egg and mushrooms. We might like some of the new things we try! 


During ICT we will be creating animated videos of ourselves using an app called ‘morfo’. We will be able to change the expression on our faces as well as moving our faces to different music.

Where The Wild Things Are

Where's the Monkey?

We have been reading 'Where the Wild Things Are' about a boy called Max who goes on a boat adventure. We made our own boats from leaves and twigs and watched them float down the river. Afterwards, we had fun playing in the park before coming back to school.
We have been having lots of fun making different meals in cookery. We've learnt some new skills while making yummy things on toast. 


For the last two weeks we have been playing in the cafe role play area. We have had so much fun pretending to order and eat food. Our waiters did an excellent job of taking our orders! 

Pancake day

We enjoyed trying different fillings for our pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We tried sugar, lemon, honey, chocolate sauce and bananas. We all used our speaking and listening skills to make requests and take turns. 

Autumn 2

What a fantastic start we’ve had to our new topic ‘Whizz Bang!’. This topic is based on fireworks and all the things that go with them - colours, sounds, actions and excitement! We have already enjoyed making firework pictures, pretending we are fireworks and having a go at playing with sparklers outside.


In Literacy we are reading the traditional tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children are having fun pretending to be the giant and scaring ‘Jack’ away. We will be making a huge beanstalk in Purple Class over the next few weeks. Some of us will be using words and symbols to tell the story. We will be learning all about Jack and the Giant and pretend to be them when climbing up the beanstalk to the Giant’s castle in our soft play area. Will the children be able to steal the gold (chocolate) coins from the scary Giant? 

The Story of Jack and The Beanstalk

In Maths we will be continuing our work with numbers and counting and sorting. In Geometry we are beginning to think about properties of shapes (sides, corners) and some of us will be looking at characteristics of objects (colour, texture, size).


In Science we will be exploring light and dark to link in with our topic. We will be creating a very dark space outside in the play house and using a variety of light sources such as torches and glow sticks. We are going to have a go at making shadows and some silhouettes too. We will also be planting and growing our own ‘magic’ beans (just like Jack did in our story). We might end up with some very tall beanstalks!  

Fireworks the most beautiful in the Japan.

In Creative Arts we will be using art, music, drama and role play to explore fireworks. We will be watching videos and trying to change our movements depending on which firework we are going to be.


In Cookery we are practising lots of different skills such as kneading, chopping and slicing to make pizzas with different toppings, with Julie.


During ICT we will be learning how to access different activities using touchscreen.


Autumn 1

Welcome to Purple Class.


The children in Purple Class are; Andrew, Blaze, Demi, Eamonn, Kamran, Kevaun, Matthew, Rohaan and Saniyah. Our adults are; Sapna (class teacher), Lucy (TA2), Marie, Madi and Emily (TA1s).


This term, our topic is ‘All About Me’. We will be learning about ourselves in many different ways throughout this topic. Some of our activities include drawing around and labelling our bodies, self portraits, food tasting to see what we like, learning about our families and birthdays.



In Literacy we will be reading ‘From Head to Toe’ by Eric Carle and using this to support our learning in speaking and listening, reading and writing. 

From Head To Toe Song

The story is all about what the animals can do so we will be copying their actions and finding out what we can do in Purple Class.


In Maths we will be practising how to write our numbers, sequencing, counting and matching. We will also be comparing big and small, hot and cold with things around the school. In our geometry sessions we will be learning about shapes and days of the week.


In Science we will be exploring water and sand, using our senses to describe a variety of materials and learning the names of parts of our bodies. We will be seeing if we can recognise ourselves and our own facial features and recognise the differences between us and our friends. We will be learning about how we grow and change and see if we can sequence parts of the human life cycle (baby, child, adult).


In Creative Arts we will be having lots of fun learning through song, action, drama and dance. We will be using our special ‘Rainbow Room’ and watching ourselves perform on video!


In Cookery we are practising lots of different skills to make a range of biscuits with different ingredients, with Selina.


During ICT we will be learning how to access different games on our computers and the internet. 

Scarecrow Competition - Winners

We had so much fun creating our scarecrow in Purple Class. All the hard work paid off as we were chosen as the KS1 winners in our harvest assembly.

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