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Wake Up, Shake Up Rationale

Medium Term Plan - PE

Planning Examples

Here at RHS children are taught P.E. through fun, creative lessons.


Throughout the year P.E. lessons include ball games, gymnastics, gym and dance, dance, racket games athletics and, for those at West Site, swimming. The purpose is to engage and help the development of the children’s range of physical activities.


Every Morning children get the chance to participate in Sensory circuits, power walks or a Wake up shake up dance in the classroom. These morning activities provide the children with the right balance of energy to start their school day. Sensory circuits is a short circuit of planned activities, which helps structures the children's day and provides them with the sensory integration needed, as well as building on their fine and gross motor skills.


We also have the opportunity to do Rebound therapy, which is exercise therapy using trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and is recreation for people across the whole spectrum of special needs. We teach some of our children how to perform more advanced moves such as seated drop, star jumps and the hacker.


P.E. isn’t just taught in specific lessons but throughout the day in classes and through using our extensive grounds and local areas. During break and lunchtimes all children have access to use our play equipment to experience a range of different body movements. Riding a bike incorporates balance ,coordination, fine and gross motor skills and spacial awareness. Our new zip wire is lots of fun for the children whist increasing their upper body strength and fine motor skills. Using the wire allows them to learn to take turns. 

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