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General Information

Richmond Hill School is a special school for pupils aged 5-11 years.   It is situated over 2 sites in Luton and is maintained by Local Authority (LA).  The Governing Body of the school is responsible for determining and administering the policy relating to the admission of pupils to the school.  The Governing Body is guided in that responsibility by the requirements of the law, their understanding of the school’s purpose and consultation with the Headteacher and Local Education Authority representatives.


From September 2020 the age range of our children will be extended to include Year 7 (pupils aged 5-12), this is a temporary increase to support an increase in demand for special school places across Luton borough. These are 13 existing pupils.


Having consulted the LA and others in accordance with the requirements of the law, the Governing Body has set its planned admission number to a maximum of 258 fully funded places for the school year commencing September 2020. This will be part of a statutory notice from the local authority and will also include planned alterations to ensure both West and East site can accommodate these pupils.


It is the view of the governing body that any additional pupils above that number would be dependent upon additional accommodation with adequate notice required. 

The Local authority projected numbers for 2020/21 support this change


In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 49 of the Education (School Government) Regulations 1999, the Governing Body has delegated responsibility for determining admissions to the Headteacher and Admissions Committee.



The criteria below reflect the primary duty of our school to provide for children with severe and complex learning difficulties, within the local and national inclusive education agenda.  All children admitted to the school will meet all of the following:

  • have been offered a place following full consultation with the parents, children and the subsequent recommendation of the Statutory Placement and Assessment Group (SPAG)

  • have an EHC naming Richmond Hill School and describing primary learning needs within the Severe and Complex Learning Difficulties range

  • working within the range of P Levels with the potential to work towards the National Curriculum

  • have a need for continuous access to highly differentiated learning resources and environments and small class groups to enable purposeful learning and progression to take place.

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