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Welcome to Amber class! 


The children in our class are: Alisha, Alex, Dorcas, Victor, Junior, Hisham, Lionel,  Sahir & Waseem.


The adults in our class are: Sarah, Linda, Claire, Maisy and Pauline.

Please take a look are our self portraits!  

Summer 2


Can you believe that we are into the final half term?  

This term our topic is 'Different People Different Lives' where we are looking at different countries in the world.  The children have already found out which countries their relatives have come from and we have made a class display.  We have families from all over the world including Barbados to Sierra Leone to Pakistan and Bangladesh! 


We will be focusing on a different country each week and the countries have been chosen for diversity. They include: England, Pakistan, Australia, China, Iceland and the Arctic circle, Brazil.
This half term in literacy we are not looking at a book in detail instead we are going to write our own books. We will be binding these and will present them on the website for all to look at.  If time allows towards the end of the half term we will be looking at Non-Fiction books.
As it is the summer term we also have lots of fun summer trips to look forward to which include Gulliver's, St Albans park and a year 5/6 Summer Fete!
Keep looking for updates!

Summer 1


This half term we are studying the book 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' By Roald Dahl.  The class will be reading a simplified version provided by Penguin Kids: here
I will be reading to the class the original Roald Dahl version: here
There is a quite old yet very entertaining version by BBC Jackanory available to watch on Youtube: 

George's Marvellous Medicine read by Rik Mayall

In maths we will be following the usual weekly cycle covering all strands of the mathematics curriculum.   
Our topic is 'Superheroes' where each week we will be looking at a different force (Superhero) each week.  The weeks will be as follows: : 
Week 1 - Introduction to Superheroes
Week 2 - Powerful Push
Week 3 - Super Spin
Week 4 - Rapid roller
Week 5 - Ultra Up and Daring Down
Week 6 - Fabulous Friction
Week 7 -Mr Magnetic
It will be a really fun topic, please ensure you keep looking for photo updates!



St Albans Cathedral Trip

Welcome back, I hope that you have all enjoyed your week off school.  It was so lovely to see so many of you at our 'Talking Textures' afternoon.  We really do appreciate the effort to come in.


This term is only 4 and a half weeks long, however we have lots planned.

In literacy we are focusing on our reading skills and understanding rhyme.  We will be looking at the rhyming book by Julia Donaldson 'A Squash and a Squeeze'. There is a nice version here on Youtube.

Squash and a squeeze (Song with British Sign Language)

If you want to play some rhyme games there is a nice BBC one which you can get here:


Our topic is 'Air Transport' so we hope to visit Luton Airport and Dunstable Gliding Club.


To continue our work on PSHE looking at different peoples cultures and lives we are hoping to visit a Hindu Temple and a Church. 


Spring 1


This half term we are looking at the story 'The Iron Man' written by Ted Hughes. There is a lovely clip on:
This is a chapter book known 'A story to tell in 5 nights', we are looking at a chapter a week so in Amber class it is a 'Story to tell in 5 weeks!'.
We have already made our class Iron man and acted the first chapter.

Iron Man

Our topic is 'Talking Textures' where we will be looking at different materials and how to describe them.  We hope to do some sewing and some modelling too.  We have already felt different textures on our feet and tasted some different textured food. 

Describing Materials

Numicon Activities

Keep looking for further updates,
Sarah & Amber team.

Special message from the Go Compare man

Still image for this video

Welcome autumn 2! 

This week we are looking at Bonfire Night in detail, we will learn the history of the traditions, make some firework crafts, we will conduct a firework experiment made with milk and food colouring and oil!  We will also have real sparklers in school on Thursday.


This term our topic is 'Mission to Mars', we will be learning lots about Space, and we will look at the Moon and the Solar system. We will dance and make space music.  We will also make our own rockets out or Junk and try to make them fly. Included in this topic are the concepts of ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ and we hope to touch on electricity too.


In literacy our book is a Traditional tale of ‘The Elves and the Shoe Maker’ there is a lovely version available to watch at


In maths we will continue to follow the new curriculum and each week has a different theme, the themes are: Money, length, Multiplication, Weight, Fractions, Capacity, and Christmas  


Please check regularly for updates!

Year 5 & 6 year band newsletter

Computing activities


Autumn 1

This term our topic is 'Jungle', our class will be 'parrots' where we will be learning lots about animals that live in the  jungle, habitats, conservation and hopefully towards the end of half term we will be performing a parrot related song / dance to you all!  This year instead of 'Music' lessons we will be having 'Creative Arts' lessons where we will be covering music, drama and dance.  We look forward to showing you how creative we can be!


In literacy our initial book will be linked to our topic and is 'Gorilla By Anthony Browne'.  We will be doing lots of creative writing linked to the book.  We will also be having weekly grammar lesson where we will learn phonics, spelling, tricky words and some sentence structure.

The Gorilla

You can see the book here


In  maths we will be following a new curriculum and each week have a different theme, the themes for the first half term are: Number, shape, time, graphs, addition (& subtraction), position, money.


In ICT we will be learning how to animate for the whole half term and hope to put our animations on the website for you to enjoy.


Please check regularly for updates!

Animations in Computing

Lulu the Baby Lioness | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Us doing animal yoga

Visit to the Mosque

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