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Summer 2

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Hello everyone

Hope you are all well.  I am sending some activities linked to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in relation to our topic How does your Garden Grow.  

If any of you have been busy in the garden planting or helping it would be lovely to see some photos!  

Best wishes


Jack and the Beanstalk story

Jack and the Beanstalk story song



A powerpoint showing the parts of a plant

A cutting activity putting the parts of plant together

Cutting and sticking lifecycle of a bean seed

Cutting and sticking story map Jack and the Beanstalk

Writing sheets to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk

Pencil control worksheets


Maths activities


Colouring and counting

Cut and stick numbers to 20

Shape recognition and counting



Outdoor activity

Plants and flowers hunt sheet

Hello everyone

It is hard to believe we are in the last half term of this school year, the time is going so fast!

I hope you all continue to keep safe and well and look forward to seeing those of you that are coming into school at some point.  The topic is How does your garden grow? I’m sure lots of you have spent time in the garden already, we will look at parts of a plant, what seeds need to grow and  different produce that grows - maybe you have already planted some seeds and you can see the changes going on!  If not then now would be a good time to have a go and watch what happens, you will have to be patient!



Our story is The Enormous Turnip, it is a lovely story about teamwork, perhaps you could role play/act it out at home.  The following is just one link from youtube telling the story in a simple way.


This is a sequencing activity to write in the missing words, colour, cut out and put in order - you could make your own book!


This sheet has also has missing words for you to fill in and retell the story

Other stories about seeds growing that you might like to share with your child are:

This is a nice little story called Peep plants a seed

The tiny seed  by Eric Carle



Look at the following links on Purple Mash for some related activities -create own garden picture with flower/ grass pen patterns. - create a single flower easily. - (alos on 2simple- simplecity) design a garden and watch it grow, drag and drop pictures to make a garden, watch videos on chn at a garden centre - describe how a plant grows with sentence starters and question prompts.



Show and handle the garden equipment you have with your children eg. brushes, spade fork they will be used to some of these things from being in the garden at school - remind them of any dangers.


Get a big flower pot (buy or  maybe you have one at home already) create a design and decorate your pot with eg. paints or by sticking things on.




When they are ready you could add soil and some flowers or plant some seeds - remember to make sure they have light and water!


Growing your own seeds…

There are lots of things you could plant eg. cress, broad beans, sunflowers

Peppa Pig gardening story

Song about vegetables






Some sensory counting ideas

Counting in the garden


Problem solving

You can make up your own problems eg. sharing an amount of seeds (or anything) between pots or containers, eg. collect leaves and pebbles/small stones from the garden and work count them all together before sharing.

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely sunny weather!
Here is the curriculum map for this last half term, it gives you an idea of the things we would have been doing in class had we been in school under normal circumstances, please feel free to use it as a guide and continue to do the lovely activities you have been doing at home.
Best wishes
Siobhan & Orange Class

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Summer 1

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoyed the Easter ‘break’ and had lots of fun out in the sunshine
and eating chocolate eggs!
While the sun continues to shine make the most of being outside getting fresh air and
exercise, there are also many learning opportunities! Eg. you can help with pegging out
the washing, find chalk and draw/write, help with the gardening and keeping the garden
tidy, plant seeds, watering potted plants, play hide and seek and other games,
collecting and counting eg. chalk, stones, leaves.
Well done on doing the lovely things you are doing, if you need any more ideas there are
lots of suggestions on the Richmond Hill Website.
Keep well and safe.


Our topic this term is Creepy Crawlies…. go on a bug hunt! Lots of creatures like to live
in dark, cool places so look for large stones or flower pots that you can lift and see
what is there. Attached is a tally chart for you to use.


Our Story would be Rosie’s Hat, the link below is the story being read. Do you have a
favourite hat? Maybe you could make one!
You could also look for stories/rhymes about Creepy Crawlies.


Apart from counting we would have focused on Time; look at the clock can you tell the
time to o’clock? (big hand on the 12)
Can you tell the time to half past? (big hand on the 6).
Maybe you know quarter past (big hand on the 3)
or quarter to (big hand on the 9)


Here are the recipes we would have followed if you want to try them at home!


Crumble Recipes


Fruit of your choice

Gruffalo: apple and blackberries


Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Spring 2

Home Learning During Easter

Ideas for home learning

Hello parents and children of Orange Class!

 I hope you are keeping safe and healthy inside your own homes at this time and that you children are helping out at home with the chores as well as getting lots of fresh air outside!  It has been lovely to speak with you on the telephone this week, from the sound of it you are all doing a fabulous job with your children at home in these circumstances, well done to you all - keep up the good work!                                                                                          


I will call again on Monday and Thursday to ‘check in’.  

If you are looking for more work to do please replicate the similar work task activities which were in the packs that were sent home; these are general number work to 10 activities (or above keep counting as far as your child wishes to go and explore numbers bigger than 10), addition and subtraction sums, letter formation, mark making, copying simple patterns, tracing shapes, pencil control activities, word recognition and learning to write their names independently.


Below is a list of alternative ‘non work book based’ activities which can be done at home.   These are to develop independence and practice real life skills as well as vocabulary:

READING AND WRITING - Using pictures to encourage sentence reading and writing.  At school the children practise the ‘who’ and ‘doing what’ phase. E.g. “The boy is eating”, “The dog is jumping” etc. Type in  ‘colourful semantics’ to find an array of resources.


Also look at all kinds of books with your children, read with them and ask lots of questions.

PHONICS - log on to Youtube and search RWI set 1, set 2 or set 3 phonics.  There are daily lessons to help with saying and reading sounds.


UNPACKING THE ’SHOPPING’ - remove some items from your fridge, fruit bowl and cupboards and place them into a carrier bag - ask your child to help you by unpacking the shopping.  Whilst doing this can they use vocabulary such as on, in, under, hot, cold, fridge, table, cupboard, big, small, colour words. Ask them do identify the names of each object and describe it.


HEALTHY FOOD CHECK - sort through food items in your cupboards into healthy and unhealthy.

UNPLUGGED PHONE - this is amazing for numeral recognition, speaking and listening and real life skills.  Allow your child to explore catalogues e.g. Argos, leaflets, takeaway menus, online shop website pages - role play making a telephone call to place their order.  Adult respond to the child pretending to be the employee taking the order - ask for their name, age, male or female, where do they live, would they like a big or small order, how many, how will they pay, halal or non halal etc.  Make sure they hold the phone to their ear whilst speaking and that they say, “Thank you, goodbye” at the end.

CLEANING - children could do their own washing up and tidying each day, help you with the washing and importantly wash their hands regularly.    

MATCHING SOCKS OR SHOES - unmatch and spread out all of your family socks or shoes - can they match them and put them into pairs again?

COUNTING - everything and anything - can they count how many clothes pegs are in the basket?

MAKE SOCK PUPPETS - use old socks - decorate them and bring your sock puppet to life by making it talk, count, sing, ask questions.  Put on a puppet show, particularly if you have other children at home. 

SCIENCE - the topic this half term is humans. Look at baby and toddler photos of children and discuss the changes eg. hair, teeth, height, point to and say the key different parts of the body, sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes and complete actions.

OUTDOORS WRITING / DRAWING / MARK MAKING - look for some chalk in your garden  or use a broom, mop, paintbrush dipped in water and make marks outside on the wall or patio.  Can they write numerals, shapes, their name?

GARDENING - at school the children also enjoy tidying the garden area with brooms and dustpans and brushes.  Next half term our Topic is creepy crawlies. If possible go for a bug hunt around your garden or local woods, looking out for bugs, pick them up and have a good look handling them appropriately before releasing them back safely.  

MOTOR SKILLS - now would be an ideal opportunity to help your child with the things they find most difficult about dressing undressing eg. doing up/undoing buttons, getting clothes on the right way round (not back to front, inside out) doing up zips, shoes on the correct feet, learn how to do up laces.

Keep checking the home school learning page with generic resources as there are a lot of suggested activities there too.

HANDY TIP - Thank you to one parent who is finding FAMILIES LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS on Facebook a useful resource, it is free to join.


As previously sent here are the links for some of the songs that Orange class enjoy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email on if you have any concerns.

Best wishes and stay safe



Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Spring 1


Orange class visited Wardown Museum to look the paintings and art work, we also came across all sorts of other interesting stuff!

Then we had a walk around the park and fed some very greedy geese and ducks.

After that we drove to the Diamond Cafe at Woodlands School where we had a tasty lunch.

We had a lovely day out and are looking forward to our next trip .....

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 2

Willow Farm

we had a fabulous time at Willow Farm looking at the animals, we fed horses, goats and even carrots to a reindeer! After our lunch we went into Santa's Grotto, it was amazing and to top it all off we all got a key to the toy room where we could choose whatever we wanted! We had the best time!


In cookery this term we are busy following different recipes for eggs - look at us preparing the ingredients to make omelette wedges!

Please view our curriculum map below for a brief overview of what we will be up to across this half term.

Autumn 1

What a load of Junk!

As part of our What a load of Junk! topic we went to visit Cawleys Waste Management, we had a good look around and really enjoyed dressing up in a high viz and helmet.  There was so much for us to see, we had a great time!

Hello and welcome to Orange Class, we hope you had a lovely summer break. This year your child will be looked after by Siobhan (teacher) and a team consisting of Jane, Pauline, Lynda, Vicky and Naima. We are very much looking forward to getting to know them all and working with you too. 


This half term our topic is ‘What a load of Junk’ the children will learn about some different materials, their uses and how things are recycled. Each week a nominated child will be the Eco Warrior and help with emptying the class compost bins as well as checking the class rubbish is put into the correct bin! 


In English we will be looking at ‘Whistle for Willie’ by Ezra Jack Keats, which is about a little boy named Peter who has a sausage dog called Willie; Peter is desperate to learn to whistle so his dog will come running. We are hoping for a visit from a real sausage dog at some point for the children to see up close. 


In Maths we will be studying a different area each fortnight including, Number, Measure, Geometry, Positional language and Money. 


Please see the Curriculum Map for more details of what is happening this term.

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