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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Welcome to Sapphire Class!


We are a class of seven pupils six boys and one girl. Our names are Tajriyan  Alex  Talha, Jordan, Sohail, Lolu and Adil. We are 7 and 8 years old.

We are an active group and enjoy lots of different activities and lessons. We love music and singing, we are all learning to express ourselves.

Our teacher is Alison and our TA2 is Michelle. Leisa Michelle Sue Gemma and Katie are our teaching assistants.


Summer 2


This term we are learning about different countries, living in Luton, England, Pakistan, Kenya, Australia, China and Russia. We will be finding out about different music, flags, costumes, food, culture, landmarks and weather. We are looking forward to some exciting experiences, including dressing up, new tastes and making music from around the world.


Looking back to last half term all the children in Sapphire Class have made so much progress! They have made lovely story books about New Life. 















Our visit to the farm was very interesting and the children responded sensitively to all the farm animals (even feeding the lambs). Their behaviour was outstanding and it made for a lovely day! 


Another trip was to Pets at Home in Dunstable where we looked at the rabbits, gerbils and fish. We bought some cat food for Alison's fish!





Summer 1


The first half of the summer term we are discovering all about ‘New Life’ we will be finding out about Spring, plants, flowers, caterpillars, butterflies, farm animals and baby animals.


Visits will include trips to the farm and Pets at Home.  

Our Hungry Caterpillar Displays


End of Spring 2


Sapphire class have had a fun half term and a very busy one!   


We have learnt lots of songs about water, fish and boats. The progress we have all made has been fantastic, especially at communicating to one another.


Our topic theme Treasure Island has given us opportunities to explore water and find out about floating and sinking!  


A visit to the fun factory and a pirate party have been both energetic and great learning experiences too!


Happy Easter holidays to everyone.

Spring 2

Our topic for this term is “Treasure Island”. We will be taking part in lots of interesting activities about pirates, boats and treasures!


One of our literacy books will be “Hooray for fish” which we will be reading during “Book week” in March.


Playing pirates


Making Cards Using 'Hooray for Fish' characters


Dressing up as characters from 'Hooray For Fish'


Dressing up as pirates


Spring 1

Our Topic this  Spring term is Cafes, and we will be learning nursery rhymes about cakes and buns. There will be lots of cooking, role play and tasting of different foods. Some visits to Cafes too!!!!




Here are some pictures of what we made for the cafes - Italian, Afternoon Tea and Indian role play; pizzas, pastas, cakes and sandwiches!

Sapphire class have had a fantastic half-term, we have all been working hard and learning lots! We have a new member in the class and he is settling in to our routines

The nursery rhymes that we enjoyed to sing and sign this term were-“Pat a cake, Pat a cake”, “I am a little tea pot” and “Five currant buns”.

Five Currant Buns in a Baker's Shop

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