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Summer 2

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Yellow Class Update

It has been lovely having the opportunity to speak to you regularly and hear how you are all doing and such a relief to hear that you are all safe and well.


We have been lucky with the weather so far and I hope you continue to use your outside space when the weather is good. Also, to give you and your child a change of scenery and additional exercise, going on a daily walk in the fresh air can be very refreshing.


Below is our Summer 2 Curriculum map, I hope it gives you some ideas of things you can do at home.


Helping activities to try at home:

  • Hang the washing out using pegs
  • Do the washing up wearing washing up gloves
  • Helping with the cooking such as chopping ingredients, stirring, and pouring
  • Helping to dish out your family meal
  • Pouring drinks for the family


These activities will help build on hand eye coordination and fine motor skills:

I hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy at home.

Please find our curriculum map for this term below.

Spring 2

Week 2 Update

Hopefully we will have some nice weather over the Easter period and the children will be able to get out in the garden


  • Play football or other ball games to work on gross motor skills
  • Have a teddy bears picnic – can the children set up the rug and find all the things you need? Encourage them to count out the right number of plates and cups. Ask them to give out the food to each member of the family.


The Woodlands Trust has some lovely ideas to try in the garden


Activities to do indoors:

Indoor camping - build a pillow or blanket fort and do fun activities inside them such as an indoor picnic, a colouring book station, movie viewing, book area.


Plastic bottle bowling - use a tennis ball and some empty water bottles to make a bowling lane. Encourage you child to count the dottles knocked down and count how many are left standing.


Make playdough together, click below for a recipe

Share a book and make up little activities for your child to do linked to the book.


Carol Vorderman is offering free use of Maths Factor activities while the schools are closed.

We hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy.


Ideas for activities to do at home


Online Safety At Home

The link below will take you to the online safety page on our website



David Walliams audio stories

Each day for 30 days the author David Walliams is releasing a free audio book. Click the link to listen.


Keeping active and healthy

It is really important that we all try to keep as active as possible especially with restrictive access to going out and about. Here are some fun ideas you can enjoy with your children:


Jo Wicks (The body coach) is doing a live stream PE workout everyday at 9.00-9.30am. All you need to do to take part is, go to You Tube and search PE with Jo. He will be online at 9am each day. This can be streamed from a tablet or through the TV.



Use ‘You Tube’ to search for kids yoga videos such as Cosmic kids yoga adventure. There are lots of stories available and the children get to do simple moves while the stories are being told.


If you have one, spend time outside in the garden, go for a daily walk (please avoid parks and remember to follow government guidance regarding social distancing).


Build a den (inside or out) using sheets, pillows, chairs and any other bits you can find around the house. Try giving children torches/fairy lights when inside to make it even more magical.



Play hide and seek games with your children.

Treasure hunt games are fun; hiding objects around the house (anything from pictures, stars, coins etc), then when they have found all the objects, they get a reward.


I hope you find this useful and enjoy some of the activities suggested. Please stay safe and remember to contact me on our class email with any questions or updates.


Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Spring 1

Topic Work

In topic we are learning about Black Culture and enjoyed dressing up in African clothes, playing drums and dancing.


In English are enjoying sharing different rhymes. We were all brilliant actors when we role-played the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme


Our value this half term is courage and we have shown great bravery trying things that we find tricky

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 2

Yellow Class Update


We have had some changes of staff in Yellow Class this half term and have welcomed Fareeha, Yasmeen and Afjol to join us.


Autumn 2 has been a very good half term and the children have enjoyed doing work around the story The Wizard of Oz. They have become very familiar with each of the characters  and have enjoyed the music from the film which we linked to our dough Disco and Write Dance sessions.



In Maths we have built on lots of different skills such as counting, observations of temperature and positional language. 



Topic was fun and the children enjoyed learning about different winter animals and doing lots of different craft activities to make a range of animals.



We have had some wonderful opportunities such as our trip to town to meet Santa, being in charge for the day as a school council voice and preparing for Winter Wonderland. We hope you enjoy the photos below.

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 1

Hello and welcome to Yellow Class and a new exciting school year. My name is Anita and I am the class teacher. Linda is our TA3 and our TA's are Sandra and Harry. There are five children in Yellow Class and they are all happy to be back at school and have lots to look forward to. 


Our topic this half term is Fit as a Fiddle - we will be learning all about keeping fit and healthy. We will be learning about the human body and how to look after ourselves. The children will participate in a range of physical activities and will be carrying out related creative activities in DT/Art.

In cookery, the children will be following recipes to make a variety of fajitas using a range of healthy produce.


We will be focussing on the Elmer book in English and the children will experience a range of fun activities linked to the story.


In Maths we will be covering a different strand each week - Number, Geometry and Measure. Keep looking at our web page for updated photos of our learning.


In computing, this half-term pupils will be mark making. This will enable them to use a range of programmes to be creative and produce some fantastic work.


Our class page will be updated regularly, so we hope you check in to share in our learning journey. I am very much looking forward to meeting you at Meet the Teacher in a few weeks time. 


Below is the curriculum overview for Yellow Class this half term, please take a look.

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