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Summer 2

Floating & Sinking!

We have been learning all about floating and sinking. We have been putting lots of different things into the water and seeing if the float on the top or sink to the bottom. 

Welcome Back

Toucan Class! It is our final half term and it’s going to be a great one. Our topic is Splish Splash Splosh and we will be learning about all things water! We will be focusing on floating and sinking, changing the state of water, washing and personal hygiene as well as taking parts in lots of lots of water play! Our book this half term is Silly Suzy Goose; all the children are very excited about our new book and love copying the actions of all the different animals.


Have a great half term Toucan Class!

Below is Toucan Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below.

Summer 1

Road Safety

As part of safety fortnight we went on a walk in our local environment. We looked out for cars and practiced crossing the road, Sharon also dressed up as a lollipop lady to help us.

Farm Yard Small World

We created a farm in our tuff tray. We thought about the different sounds the animals make and helped the farms build homes for the animals. 

Welcome back Toucan Class, it is finally summer term and what a term it is going to be! Our topic this half term is “Down on the Farm” we are going to looking at the crops that are grown on farms as well as the animals that we may find there. We will be learning about what animals live on the farm and what noises these animals may make. We will also be looking at baby animals and who we think their mummy could be.  The Very Hungary Caterpillar is the book we are going to be studying throughout this term, we will be writing list, order events and even trying the food that the caterpillar eats on his journey to becoming a butterfly. We are photographers this half term in Computing, we will be taking photographs and well as editing and collaging them using different computer software. We will also be continuing our hard work in both maths and phonics. Have a fantastic term Toucan Class.

Spring 2


We had fun making clay pots, we made a mess but we all enjoyed making them.


We investigated colours, we mixed two colours together to see what happened, the results were amazing!


Flowers and Seeds

In science we have been learning all about flower and seeds. We investigated flowers using tweezers and magnifying glasses. We had to see if we could find; the steam, the petals and the leaves. We also had a go and planting seeds to make cress! 

Story Time!

In Toucan Class we are all really enjoying our new story. In the story, Anna finds a pair of glasses at the bottom of her garden. Anna puts the glasses on every day and every day she sees the world in a different colour. The children have loved trying on Anna's amazing glasses and looking through different colours. 

Below is Toucan Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below.

Welcome Back

Welcome back Toucan class I hope you are all well rested after the half term break. We have another exciting term ahead of us. Our topic this half term is called ‘leave your mark’ in this topic we will be doing lots of art based activities. Each week we will be taking on a different challenge, including photography, collage and clay. Towards the end of the term we will be taking part in the Easter activities.


Our book for this half term is called Anna’s Amazing Multicolored Glasses. We will developing our ability to answer questions about the book and have a go and retelling the story.


This half term we will be making cookies, we will be exploring different flavours and trying to increase our independence.

Spring 1


Toucan class really enjoyed investigating magnets, we had to try out all the different objects in our classroom to find out what was magnetic and what was not. It was so must fun! 

Below is Toucan Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below. 

Welcome back Toucan Class, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break. Now it is time to get back down to work, we have lots in store for this half term. 


Our topic is show time, this means that our project is to create and film our take on one of our favourite stories. Now as most of you know, the children here in Toucan class just love the story of Goldilocks and the three bears we especially love “Debbie and friends” version of the story on   Youtube.

Using this song along with a sensory story we will have a go at re-creating the story for ourselves. We are all very excited because we get to use a lot of technology such has the sound beam and green screening equipment. This also means that we have lots of work to do; we will have to create props and costumes, record sound clips and practice our movements.


Let the rehearsals begin!

Autumn 2

Toucan Class Update

In toucan class we have been exploring light, we have really enjoyed making shadows and using torches to search for treats in the light room. 

Role Play Cafe

Toucan class have had lots of fun exploring our new cafe role play room. We all enjoyed cooking up some food and serving the customers. 

This term our topic is Whizz Bang. It is a very exciting topic full of lots of fun filled and colourful



We will be looking at festivals such as Diwali, Halloween, bonfire night and of course Christmas.



We will all become scientists this half term, as we will be learning about night and day, shadows and

light sources. We will be experimenting with different light up toys and making our own shadow



Our book this half term is the gingerbread man. We are all excited to read this book and we are

looking forward to baking some tasty treats.



The theme for our cooking this half term is pastry though this we will be making different tarts and

twists. We will be building on and developing skills that we already have and learning new things.

We will be taking part in a Christmas trip and will be meeting up with our buddy classes; Canary and Green.


What an exciting term ahead!

Autumn 1


In toucan class we have all loved cooking this term and making some very yummy sandwiches. We have had the opportunity to make lots of sandwiches with different filling. Chocolate spread and cucumber have been out favourites no one was too keen on the tuna! We have been developing lots of skill during cooking lessons, including spreading, cutting and grating.


We have been learning about senses and it seems our favourite thing to do is taste. We had the opportunity to experience and try some different food. We had to sort them into nice and nasty. Some of our children enjoyed more things than others but we all loved the chocolate!

Welcome to Toucan class, let me introduce everyone. I am Rachel the class teacher, my TA2 is Jayne and we have two teaching assistants Paige and Aki. There are eight children in our class; Brandon, Afaan, Jadon, Treyvon, Sean, Harris, Maisha and Hannah. This term we will have a buddy class at both east and west site.


This term out topic is “All about me”. This week we have been learning about all our class mates and getting used to our new classroom and school routines. We have also created pictures of ourselves and the grown ups in the class. This was a lot of fun. Over the following weeks we will be looking at our families, what we like and dislike and our senses.


We will be taking part in cookery lessons, this half term our focus will be sandwiches


The books we are learning about over the half term are, the much loved Gruffalo and Kippers Birthday. We will be looking at the different characters in each book and finding out what they get up to. To finish off the half term we are going to hold Kipper a birthday party with our buddy classes.


I will be sending home a termly over view and a class timetable so you are aware of what is happening over the half term and what the children are learning about each day.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write in the home/school book.

Rachel Booth

Class Teacher

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