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Spring 1


Welcome to Orange Class, a new year in a new class and for some a new school!
I am David the Class Teacher and I am assisted by Dill, Sarah, Lianne and Aki.
It's only a short half term but we endeavour to cram as much in as possible. 
In Literacy we are reading and sharing a book called "Ants in my Pants". It is about a little boy who has to get dressed but finds there are different animals in his clothes, there are ants in his pants, a fox in his socks, kittens in his mittens and so it continues. So far the children are really enjoying it.
In Maths we will be continuing to teach all areas of maths in new and exciting ways and we now have the addition of "Numicon" a multi-sensory maths resource which are hopeful will help the children make even more progress. 


Our topic is called "Show Time" and we will be working on a performance of the story "Where the Wild Things Are". Unfortunately we will not be in a position to perform to parents - just to other classes. But there will be other opportunities for you to come in. If you are interested in reading the story with the children a copy can be brought from amazon here.

It is likely that Luton Borough Council Library will also have a copy or it can be viewed on Youtube here.


We will continue to be cooking every week learning new skills, so thank you for your continued contributions. We will endeavour to send home what the children have cooked but as I'm sure you can appreciate this will not always be possible. Sometimes the children eat what they have made, at snacktime.


This terms doesn't give us the best weather for trips but we will be aiming for a trip to Ashridge to find some wild things. 
Please keep an eye on the Home/School books for further updates and I will write in these when I can.

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