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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Summer 1

Weeks 2 & 3

These past couple of weeks we have been doing lots of planting as part of our topic work. The children have planted some flowers in the planters by the office and family room. They have planted some seeds that will hopefully grow into herbs and broad beans! They had great fun making grass heads too! We must remember to water them all!

Week 1

This week we have started to learn about Ramadan. We have practiced writing in Arabic and made some decorations ready to celebrate Eid later in the term. 

I also introduced our first English book of the term- Supertato! We had some wonderful props made by a TA and the children enjoyed bringing the story to life with them. 

Spring 2

Week 6

This week has been much more settled in class, the children are getting used to sharing the space with one another. We saw the Easter bunny on our walk this week and we have taken part in a few Easter egg hunts that have developed their communication skills and developed their problem solving skills when working out all the clues! Most of our work has been Easter themed, alongside their PLP work. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday. 


Week 5 

This week we celebrated Red Nose Day! We had lots of fun completing work themed around the charity day including word searches, quizzes, ball games, our morning tuff tray challenge and we went on a scavenger hunt to find the 10 new red noses on our power walk. 

Week 4


I'm so pleased that we are now open fully and we're back together as a class in our lovely classroom. 

We will be spending the next few weeks supporting the children to adjust back into our class routines, rules and structure. As always we will be focusing our learning on their personal goals (IEPs) and during the next few weeks we will review and support the children to make up any gaps in their learning due to the lockdown. 




Week 3

We had a good first week back, the children have had to adjust to sharing the adults attention again and sharing the classroom with one another. The learning was very much focussed on phonics, reading and their IEPs. The children also got out in the garden to start sewing some seeds for our vegetable patch!

We had a lovely day on Friday discussing Mother's Day and making cards and gifts to send home. 

Spring 1

What unusual times we're in again. Myself and Micha will be running the class remotely either through live sessions pre arranged with you, over the phone or by delivering resources each week for the pupils to work through. 

Please call west site or email us at if there is anything further we can do to support you.


I will be populating this page with supplementary learning and activities as the weeks go on. Please also refer to our home learning page for extra resources and don't forget to log in to the LIVE remote sessions using the log in details that I emailed you.

Week 4

This week we are going to focus on questions. Starting the week with Blanks level 2 questions. 

Have a look at the space scene below and see if you can answer the questions below. 


What is this person doing? (Adult to point to one of the astronauts). 

What is the alien doing? (Adult to point to the alien flying the UFO.) 

What is on the astronaut’s backpack?

 Can you find the big star?

Can you find the orange alien?

The rocket flies in the sky. Can you name something else that flies in the sky? 

Tell me one thing the alien is wearing. Adult to point to the green alien.

Can you point to a small alien?

What is happening in this picture? 

Week 3

We have learnt about rhyme using Twinkl's own story The Monster Surprise. Online sessions this week included some guided reading and spot the rhyme work. I also made another virtual classroom based on this weeks story. We have set some work on Purplemash this week too so please log into your accounts at 

Week 2

This week we began learning about poetry and rhyme. The children also completed lots of activities from the LIVE remote sessions. Micha and I are very proud with how the children are accessing the remote teaching, they have been taking part in attention skills and then a focussed learning task either related to number, phonics or reading so far this week. 


Week 1

Have a look and explore a virtual classroom I made for this weeks activities. Click on some of the objects in the classroom, they will take you to some fun learning sites and platforms (you need to open the PDF version for the links to work). 

Autumn 2

Week 6

The children have been writing about what the naughty Elves have been up to.  The Elves wrote them a writing checklist to help.


This week in English the class have been focussing on drama, acting out the story, they enjoyed using the masks they made on their walk to the woods to act out the story. 

Week 5 

We have a little visitor joining us for December...Elf on the Shelf! The class have enjoyed seeing what he’s been up to when they have gone home. 


Week 4

We've had a few more Birthday's this week where the children have practiced turn taking, setting the table and playing party games together, their favourite is pass the parcel! The children have been working hard on their PLP targets- they are well on their way to achieving their personal goals. 

Week 3

This week we have had a couple of new pupils join Rainbow class and they have settled in well. We have 5 Birthday's this month in Rainbow Class and yesterday we celebrated a Birthday with this fantastic rainbow cake. 

We’ve had fun using torches and the uv lights to make patterns and effects in the light room this week. 

Week 2

This week the class have been learning about Diwali- The Hindu Festival of Light. We have also learnt about Rememberance Day and completed a 2 minutes silence at 11.00 on 11/11/20. The children enjoyed our Light and Dark themed Write Dance too.


Week 1

This week in class the children have been celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night. The children decorated pumpkins, went on a Halloween scavenger hunt, dressed up in costumes and then did some number and phonics work linked to Bonfire night!


Autumn 1

Week 7

This week on our walks the children collected some beautiful, autumn leaves then back in class the children worked together to make an autumnal collage and Autumn crafts. 

Week 6

This week the class explored their sense of sound and made some noisy rain shakers! They also enjoyed using the new sound equipment in our brand new light room.


Today was Mental Health Awareness Day #helloyellow The children were set a challenge to tell a joke, smile and wave at a friend and say something nice to their teacher. The children really enjoyed taking part in all the themed activities today. 

Week 5

The children (and staff) were very happy to be back after a short period at home and have got straight back into learning and having fun. 

This week the children have focused on their likes and dislikes, been working hard in IT and we've managed a few nice walks to look at the autumn leaves and collect some conkers! 

In maths we've been learning about heavy and light, money, big and small and we've even pegged out a numberline on a washing line!
This week we have been doing some artwork based on Circles by Kandinsky.

Week 2

In week 2 we focused on the NHS guidance 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it!' and the class were washing their hands for 20 seconds and cleaning their workstations throughout the day and using antibacterial gel before entering and exciting the classroom. 

In cookery this half term the class are learning to make their own sandwiches. They are using PECs and Communication Aids to ask for what equipment and ingredients they need.

This week they started with a jam sandwich! After making the sandwich they were then able to sequence pictures of how to make a jam sandwich. 

Week 1

The class settled back into the different school routines and procedures really well. They have begun to identify how they are feeling using the Zones of Regulation and have made 2D versions of themselves for our classroom display. They were also able to label the main parts of their face and body. 

In art they made some lovely rainbows to start to decorate their work areas. 

Welcome to Rainbow Class' webpage!

I will be uploading lots of information and photographs of what the children are learning about and enjoying during the school day.

This half term our topic focus is 'All About Me' which will help the children settle back into school and support them to tell us how they are feeling and how to keep themselves safe during COVID-19.

Below are some photos of our classroom. The children have their own work area and follow individual timetables. We have PE on a Monday and Expressive Arts on a Friday which the children have really enjoyed since coming back to school. 


We have 7 adults in the class, myself (Emma Gildersleve, Assistant Head) Micha (HLTA), Karen, Lorraine, Afjol, Sandra and Katie. 


Please check our webpage weekly for updates and some activities to do at home to support the children's learning. 




Our story for this half term is The Train Ride by June Crebbin. 

The Train Ride

Climb aboard for a rhythmic train ride through the country. There's lots to see and someone very special waiting at the end!
A little girl and her mother board the train in town and set off on a journey through the countryside. As they travel, the girl looks out of the window, asking "What shall I see? What shall I see?" And what does she see? Sheep, cows, horses and much more!

Take a look at our curriculum map to see what we will be learning about during this half term: 

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