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Summer 2

Hello and welcome back to our last term! Our topic is 'Fun in the Sun', and thankfully the sun has finally come out!!! Our focus in topic will be learning how to keep safe when playing in the sun, keeping hydrated in the warmer weather, how to stay safe when playing outside and keeping safe around water. 


We had a lovely year 5/6 summer beach party which was a great start to the topic and next week we're off to the Splash park in Leighton Buzzard and then the following week we will be going fruit picking and for a picnic. 


Opal class are looking forward to performing their morning exercise dance to the rest of the school at the East meets West Festival!


Summer 2- Phonics with Elmer!

Summer 2- Maths

In maths this half term we have been learning about patterns, making, copying and even using musical instruments to make patterns with! We have also been learning about ordinal numbers, we have had races and used wind up toys and cars to award positions to. 

Summer 2- iPad- Coding

Summer 2- Fruit picking and visiting Alfie!

Fun in the sun- beach party!


Our literacy book for this half term is Elmer! We'll be covering lots of PSHE whilst reading a collect of Elmer stories. This week we have been writing about what makes us unique. Next week we'll be reading Elmer and the Race to learn about ordinal numbers in maths.


Spring 2 Update

In ICT this term the children have been learning how to use PowerPoint and how to research information safely on the internet. The children choose a topic to find out about and they typed information, changed fonts and colours of text, imported clip art and images from the web, added in animations and designs and some even embedded videos and sounds onto their PowerPoint. The children then stood up and presented their presentations to the rest of years 5/6. 

Tanim's Presentation

Tajriyan's Presentation

Prajith's Presentation

Luca's Presentation

Liam's Presentation

Jamal's Presentation

Godwill's Presentation

Ayaan's Presentation

Spring 2

Hello everyone, this half term we have been learning about The United Kingdom. We learnt some interesting facts about Wales- did you know that for every one person in Wales their are 4 sheep!

We have found out that the national animal for Scotland is...a unicorn and we are undecided as to whether we believe their is such a thing as the Loch Ness Monster!


This week we learnt that it is lucky to find a 3 leaf clover, also known as a Shamrock in Northern Ireland

We have been lucky to have had some visitors in, one who played us the bagpipes and another who showed us how to do some Irish dancing.


Here are some photos of what we have been up to:

In maths we have been extending our learning and learning about measure this half term. We have measured things by size, height, weight and volume.

Here are some photos of our maths work:

The whole of years 5/6 have been competing in a 4 nations rugby tournament. We are representing England and this week we are in the play off's for 3 place against Wales. The final is Scotland vs Northern Ireland.
We also won the bake off at the beginning of this half term with our excellent cookie monster cake. The children were very pleased with their cake and winning the wooden spoon prize which is proudly displayed in our classroom!

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is ‘Winter Wildlife’. The children will be exploring local wildlife, the wildlife’s habitats, their features, facts about them, learning about nocturnal animals and going out and about to see if we can see some of the wildlife living in our countryside. 

We're off to Ashridge soon to see if we can see some wildlife in their habitat.


Here are some photo's of some of the work we have done already..

Topic activities


An RHS tradition is that in autumn 2 each year band study a traditional tale. Years 5/6 chose Cinderella! The children will be learning about the tale and using their knowledge and understanding of the text they will become set designers, directors, actors, narrators, costume makers and film makers to put on a spectacular performance in December!  


We are linking our science to Cinderella and will be exploring materials and their properties- sorting materials, learning vocabulary to describe textures and exploring materials that are waterproof.

😁Tajriyan has painted a love picture of Cinderella for our classroom display.


In year's 5/6 we have grouped the children for phonics and they are really making some good progress and applying their sound knowledge across into other subject areas to help them with their reading. Please continue to practice their sounds and words that are sent home as this really does help too.


🌲Yes, it will soon be Christmas and with that comes lots of excitable children and adults! We are going to put on a performance of Cinderella with the other classes in year's 5/6 which we hope you can all attend!


As part of our Christmas work the children will be walking to town to visit Father Christmas followed by MacDonald’s and the children will be going to poundland to buy a secret santa present for another child in year 5/6 .


The children will then wrap their gift and then on the last day of term we are all going to get together and give out their presents!

Trip to Ashridge

Spontaneous Creativity

The other day Opal class were lining up to go to ICT and they were playing with the blinds which had been pulled down because of the sunlight coming into the classroom.


They began to explore making shadows with their hands and faces. It was a really lovely moment.

Our topic is Fit as a Fiddle and we've been learning about keeping safe and healthy.


We've learnt how germs spread, who can help keep us safe, what foods are healthy and unhealthy, the food groups and how important exercise is in leading a healthy lifestyle! We've even made our own fitness DVD
As a year group we are keeping fit and healthy by participating in at least 10 minutes of exercise a day! We have also visited the outdoor gym in st.albans and Jump arena. 
In Literacy we are reading 'Oliver's Vegetable's'. A book about a boy who only eats chips until he goes to visit his Grandpa and discovers he likes lots of different vegetables that his grandpa grows in his garden. We received a letter from Oliver's grandma who needed our help to find out who had taken all the carrots from her vegetable patch! The children made missing posters and using maps and some clues discovered it was some naughty rabbits that had stolen her carrots!
In maths we are using fruit and vegetables to help us measure. We've been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Numicon has helped us to do some simple additions and subtractions. 
In cookery we are baking vegetable based cakes which taste delicious! The children have learnt to use a whisk, use sharp knives safely, use the hob and much more. 
Watch out for more information on our Sponsored run at the end of term!

Literacy activities

Numeracy activities

Topic activities

Cookery activities

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