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Hello Swan Class, 


We hope you are all still keeping safe and well at home. 


The link below to the word document will give you some ideas of how we can keep creative at home. It gives you an idea for every day of the month. It is your choice then how creative you want to be! You might want to draw a picture, take a photo, build a model, create a masterpiece with playdough! 


If you do decide to be creative please send us a picture of your beautiful work, we would love to see what you are up to! 


Swan Class Team 

Hello Swan Class, 


I hope you and your family are keeping safe at home. 

Below is a virtual Swan Class I have created for you to use. Hidden in the picture are lots of links that will take you to different activities to try! 


To make sure the links work you need to open the PDF link above the picture. 


How many links can you find? 


As always any questions or concerns please email me. 




Hello Swan Class, we have come back to another strange time at school and another lockdown. This can be a very anxious time, but just like last time please cherish the extra time you have with family and make memories together when you can. 


We hope you have been enjoying the online remote sessions. We have been joining some at school too. :-) 

We are sending activity packs to accompany the online learning as well as offering the remote learning timetable. 

As always there are things that you can be doing at home every day to help your child, some ideas are listed below and attached is a pinterest document with lots of household items that can be used for lots of fun and engaging activities. 


1) Practice the writing of their names- fine motor skills 

This could be with a pencil, writing in flour, shaving foam, play dough, with felt tip pens etc. 


2) Dressing and undressing- independence skills 

With support or verbal instructions with slowly less and less support for our children 

Remembering for them to try and turn the more complex clothing the correct way or zip their coat up for example 


3) Counting- 

when out and about on walks looking at door or car registration numbers. 

counting their toys 

using money to play shops at home 

using building blocks to add amounts 


4) Cooking 

Can they make their own snack 

Can they get or pour their own drink 

Can they make a sandwich 

Can you make cakes or pizza and they measure the ingredients or get the cooking utensils etc 


5) Reading 

Stories, comics, online websites 

Answer questions 

why do they like this etc 


Please stay safe and we hope this helps. 


Please like always email if you have any questions or need further assistance with anything 


Swan Class 

Autumn 2

Class Newspaper

Please come back weekly to see the latest updates

Hello Swan Class

We hope you are well and have had fun half terms! We are looking forward to seeing you for another fun packed half term.


This half term our topic is a question- 'What lights up the winter sky at night?' 

This is a science and RE based topic so we will be looking into light sources and religious festivals. The curriculum map will be sent through email. So please watch out for what the children will be learning in school and what you could also do at home to help embed their learning. 


As always if there are any questions or concerns please ring the school office, talk to myself or the family workers or use the class email which is checked regularly. 


Again as a national lockdown takes places on Thursday please stay safe and well. Please follow the school guidance if your child or any family falls unwell this is vital. 


There is still lots to enjoy whilst in lockdown just like last time- 

Autumn baking at home 

Autumn walks seeing what nature things you can find? -acorns, conkers, different coloured leaves. 

Go on an Autumn hunt 

Draw pictures together 

Read stories and talk about the book together 

Watch movies and eat special snacks 

Make towers of bricks who can make the biggest or big small and medium towers? 

mix paint and paint pictures. 

There are lots of ideas on google and pinterest. 

Keep busy and keep safe


Love from Swan Class Leaves Pathway.

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 1

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Welcome Back

Hello everyone, we hope you had a good first few days back at school. We can see that everyone is now starting to settle in and learn the school routine. All the children are enjoying being upstairs in the school and like their new classroom. We have all had fun getting to know each other and exploring the toys in our new class.


In our new class we have 10 children, 9 boys and 1 girl. We have the class teacher Rebecca, a TA3 Jayne and two TA’s Debbie and Faiza.


This week more formal learning is taking place and we are starting to learn our new timetable and routines. Things are a little different but children are all coping really well with all the changes in place to keep everyone safe.


Attached to this is a curriculum map for this half term- here you will find information on what the children are learning in school but also some ideas of how you can also help them extend  or talk about their learning at home. Also I will email a copy out of the class timetable- please check your emails they will come from this email address: The timetable will help the children prepare for the day in terms of them knowing what they will be learning but also when to look forward to their favourite lessons etc.


Please use the email address above if you have any questions or concerns at all. This is currently in place of home school books.


We are excited to be back at school and as a class team we are really looking forward to learning together and continuing their RHS journeys.

Thank you and take care


Rebecca, Jayne, Debbie and Faiza.

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