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Summer 2

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Home Learning - Ramadan

Spring 2

Home Learning - Year 5

Home Activity Idea Sheets

Spring 1

English - Reading and recognising text

The children worked hard to find contraction words within the class story.  They found lots, such as, didn't, won't and can't.

English - Rhyming words

The children have been developing their understanding of rhyme.  They listened carefully and looked for images of other things that rhymed with a given word.

Mathematics - Recognising coins

During many of our morning snack sessions the children use money to buy what they want to eat.  They have to find the correct coins asked for by the shopkeeper.

Topic - Talking Textures - Weaving Looms

Look at the beautiful woven work the children created!

Topic - Talking Textures - Investigating smooth and rough surfaces.

The children took turns rolling a car, then a ball, down different textured ramps.  They recorded how far each one traveled.  They discovered that the smooth tin foil ramp made them travel the furthest! 

Topic - Talking Textures - Exploring the suitability of a material

Some of the children explore a range of soft and hard resources whilst a group looked at creating a bridge for the Gingerbread Man.  The bridge had to be hard and strong.

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 2

Topic - Plug it in, switch it on

The children looked for sockets and light switches as part of our topic 'Plug it in, switch it on'.  They also explored how to make battery operated toys work by adding the correct batteries (with supervision) and turning them on.

Maths - Addition

The children have been involved in a range of additional activities using different approaches.  Some children have been adding one, some have used objects whilst others had to keep a number in their head and count on!

Maths - Structures

Some of the pupils have been building and describing structures including using the terms of shape and position.

Maths - Weighing

The children have been using balance scales and comparing a variety of objects and containers to find out which is heavier and which is lighter.  

English - Cinderella Roleplay

The children have enjoyed playing different characters for our story 'Cinderella'.  Here are a couple of actions shots for their own roleplay. 

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 1

Science - Sound

Some of the children have been investigating different ways to start and stop sounds using musical instruments.  Other children have explored making their own wind chimes. They experimented how to make a louder sound or quieter sound with their wind chimes.

Topic - Let's Go Wild WOW

To introduce the topic for this half term the children ventured into different themed classrooms. They explore woodland, arctic,  ocean and rainforest habitats. They played with animals from each habitat and also role-played some animals!

Let's Go Wild (Year 5)


Hello and welcome back to school for another exciting year.  My name is Ella-Marie, but please feel free to call me Ella, and I am the teacher in Amber Class.  Within the class we have a fantastic team including: Vicky, Sam and Chandon (TA1's). Nicola teaches the children on Thursday afternoons when I am out of the classroom. This completes the team, all of which supports the children whilst making learning fun and rewarding.  Currently this year we have nine children in the class. 




This half term our topic is ‘Let's go Wild’ and we will be looking at a range of habitats and the types of animals that live there. The children will participate in a range of activities to help them to recognise features of each habitat, recognising and naming animals and some of the pupils with exploring why different animals are found there.  In Art/D&T the children will be completing different tasks linked to our ‘Let's go Wild’ topic. 


In the cookery lessons this term the children will be making a variety of burgers using a range of fresh healthy produce, following recipes and verbal/visual prompts.  



In English this half term we will be reading ‘Owl Babies' and 'Kipper's Monster’.  The children will be exploring and re-enacting the stories, completing sentences and a range of comprehension tasks.  They will have the opportunity to sequence each of the stories, discussing emotions/fears and creating their own versions of these stories whilst developing other literacy skills.  Elements of these stories will also support the pupils understanding of some of Science areas such as light, dark, shadows and sound. 


Amazon’s description of Owl Babies: As three adorable Owl chicks sit on a branch in the woods their fears and concerns become very real as they worry that their mum may not return. The striking, dark yet somehow comforting illustrations cleverly enhance their mood as they sit, waiting and thinking, until finally all is well again. Enchanting, divinely different and ultimately reassuring, Owl Babies is a dream of a book. 


Amazon’s description of Kipper's Monster: Kipper and his friend Tiger are going camping in the woods. Tiger has a brand-new torch and Kipper has a storybook. Hopefully there aren't any monsters around ... But the wood is full of dark shadows and strange noises. And, the darker it gets, the more scared they become! Can Kipper and Tiger learn to overcome their fears?


Typically on a Monday we will be sharing the children's weekend News.  It would really help us if you could let us know what your child has done over the weekend so we can support them in recalling past events so that they can share their news with others.  This could be a simple note, a photograph, a leaflet, a receipt or a little drawing in / or placed in the home - school diary.


We will also be participating in regular phonics sessions three times a week and the children's reading skills will be supported through matching activities, flashcards, games and reading books, as appropriate, throughout the week.     


The children will have further opportunities to develop their fine motor and handwriting skills through weekly activities such as Dough Disco, Write Dance, handwriting activities and word building/spelling activities. 



The Mathematics curriculum is taught through a rolling rota of Number, Geometry and Measure.  These differentiated sessions will focus on: number games, matching and sequencing numbers, capacity, counting,  estimation, shape, size, depth (deep or shallow), subtraction, directional language and mazes, as appropriate.



The focus of Computing is ‘Mark Making and Drawing’ where the children will use a variety of computer programs to develop their skills in recreating artist work such as Damien Hirst, Mondrian and Kandinsky.  During these sessions the children will have the opportunity to create dots, copy lines, draw shapes, resize objects, select colours, use the fill tool and explore symmetry. During our computing topic sessions the children will be completing different tasks linked to our ‘Let's go Wild’ topic or focusing on specific areas of English, Mathematics or Science.  


Throughout the term we hope to have regular opportunities to walk locally to support the children in developing their road safety awareness and knowledge of the local area.


We have an enjoyable half term ahead and we are looking forward to making friends, becoming more independent, learning together and having fun!

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