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Autumn 1

Herring Green Farm

Blue class had a wonderful trip to Herring Green Farm to learn about different animals.  This was as part of our English story 'I Want A Pet'.  The children observed owls, birds of prey, farm animals.  They stroked guinea pigs, rabbits, a snake, a skunk and a hedgehog.  It was a wonderful day!

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Hello and welcome back to Autumn term at West site in blue class.  We have such an exciting and fun-filled half term ahead of us – with the excitement of the year 4 children exploring their new school and many different trips / celebrations.  I am the teacher (Jacqueline) and we have 4 other adults in the team:  Emily, Anne, Zubaydah and Michelle.


Our topic this half term is ‘What a load of junk’.  It is focused on looking at different materials that can be found and how they can be recycled.  Each week we will have an Eco monitor who will go around making sure lights are switched off and compost is emptied


Our book in English is a lovely book called ‘I Want a Pet’.  We will be doing lots of reading and writing work based on this book.  In speaking and listening lessons we will be making phone calls to the local vet to book our pet in for an appointment.  We will also visit the animals at ‘Pets At Home’ and a trip to Herrings Green Farm where we will observe and handle lots of different animals including guinea pigs and lizards.


The children will visit Blue class’s snack shop every snack time.  They have each been given given a purse / wallet with real money in – they will ‘buy’ their snack each day to develop their real life skills and independence with shopping.


Below is a copy of our curriculum map which shows what we will be working on across this half term.

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