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Budgie Class

Autumn 1

We have been having a busy half term getting to know each other. Here are some photos of what we have been getting up too. 


In maths, we have been doing lots of practical exploration in number, geometry and measures. 


We have been trialing Busy Birds (a free flow session with both child-initiated and adult-led activities). As you can see we have been 'Busy Birds!' Engaging in lots of topic, maths and English based activities.


Our sensory story has been a real hit and the children have loved the story of Kipper "Splosh." They have been really engaged in the changing wet weather in the story.

Busy Birds

Busy Birds 1
Busy Birds 2
Busy Birds 3
Busy Birds 4
Busy Birds 5
Busy Birds 6
Busy Birds 7
Busy Birds 8
Busy Birds 9


Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3
Maths 4
Maths 5
Maths 6
Maths 7
Maths 8

Splosh - Our Sensory Story

Splosh - Our Sensory Story 1
Splosh - Our Sensory Story 2
Splosh - Our Sensory Story 3
Splosh - Our Sensory Story 4
Splosh - Our Sensory Story 5
Splosh - Our Sensory Story 6

Welcome back from the Summer holidays and welcome to Budgie class. We are looking forward to a fun and busy half term. Budgie class this year is made of 2 girls, 5 boys and 5 adults working closely with the children to develop their learning. On this page, you will find regular updates of what we have been getting up to so please come back regularly.

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